5 Promotional Materials You Need to Invest In

It is true that digital marketing has become hugely important to businesses trying to establish and grow their brand, but this does not mean that more traditional marketing techniques are not needed. Branded promotional items can be powerful when deployed in the right way and in the right setting. For example, when attending an exhibition, industry trade event, or any time when you want to give existing or potential customers a reason to remember you. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be confusing to know what to spend your money on. If you are looking to maximize brand awareness for your business, here are five promotional materials worth investing in.

  • Professional business cards

With so much business being conducted via technology, the familiar printed business card is easily neglected. When you meet a new business contact or potential client and want to swap contact details, reading out telephone numbers and email addresses as the other person types them into a phone is time-consuming, clumsy, and can lead to errors. To keep interactions as efficient and professional as possible, give them all the information they need on one card that they can keep. Well-designed business cards stand out and can also give the impression that you have invested more time and money into your marketing and give people a physical reminder to keep. 

  • Branded clothing and accessories

Your employees are a key part of your brand, so it makes sense that they should present your brand in a uniform and professional way and stand out from the crowd. This can be achieved by providing your team with branded t-shirts, hats, and other wearable accessories. When your staff are easily identifiable as being part of your brand, they are more likely to be approached by potential customers looking for information. You could also invest in a range of branded products to sell or give away. Visit for inspiration.

  • Printed marketing materials 

While your website will feature information about your brand, products, and services, printed marketing materials such as catalogs and brochures still add value. When attending exhibitions, you can have printed marketing materials for people to browse through and take away with them to peruse later. This means people will spend more time considering your brand than they would if they simply visited a website or stopped by your stand.

  • Branded exhibition flags and banners

At trade exhibitions and conferences, every business is trying to grab passersby’s attention, so it is essential that your stand is eye-catching. This includes banners, flags, posters, and any other display items consistent with your branding in terms of colors, logos, and text. It is usually best to use icons and images rather than lots of words as these are more easily processed.

  • Branded paper

When you need to formally communicate with clients and customers or provide executive summaries, consider doing so with high-quality branded paper and envelopes. By displaying your logo and marketing straplines across your stationery, you will give your business a more professional impression.