Luminous sine wave inverters are the best sine wave technology inverters available in the market. These inverters represent the latest technology advancement in the world of inverters. The wave form that is produced by these is equal to or better than the power delivered by utility. These inverters are usually a bit expensive than the normal inverters but they also provide better services so the higher prices are worth it. These inverters could be bought from the stores. However, you could also buy sine wave inverter online from the official website of Luminous or other online retail sites.

The price of sine wave inverters is more than the conventional inverters because they provide advanced facilities to the users. These facilities are as follows:

  • Sine wave inverters provide longer battery backup. This level of extended power backup helps in reducing the utility bills of the households.
  • Sine wave inverters are compatible for use with all the household as well as industrial gadgets. This means that there are no unnecessary power cuts while the devices are powered using sine wave inverters.
  • These are made using advanced technology, which means that they are comparatively more efficient than the inverters that were used in older days. They deliver better services, are easy to store in some household place. They do not lose their design and power even after they are put to use for years. They have a long and effective life.
  • The voltage units of sine wave are limited to 230 volts and 290 volts. This means that there are no chances of electric shocks or devices getting damaged due to high voltages of currents at single time.
  • While using a sine wave inverter, you need not buy a separate UPS for your desktop computers. This is because sine wave inverters are developed to take care of devices like personal computers. They could be used directly with your personal computers and laptops.
  • If you use sine wave inverters, gadgets in your home will not make any noise. When fans, tube lights and other devices are powered using inverters, they tend to make a humming noise. This problem is solved if you use a sine wave inverter as it is designed in a manner to prevent these useless noises in the house.
  • Sine wave inverters give heavy current to power your devices. This means that you could use devices like mixers and grinders, cloth irons and dressing products as well also using this inverter which is not possible in other inverters as they find it too much of a load to take.

The most important trick while buying an inverter for your home is to identify your power requirements and select a product accordingly. It is important to note that while some products might find some difficulties in connection with inverters, almost all the devices easily connect with sine wave inverters and are compatible with them. Therefore, the demand for sine wave inverters has been on a continuous rise since they have been launched in the markets.