Enjoy Fantasy Cricket Online

If you ask any Indian what is his or her favorite sport the majority will answer – cricket. It is a very lovable game among Indians. People are crazy about it. It is one of the most popular games. People of all age groups alike regarding this game and easily get affected by it. This game doesn’t have an origin in our country. It was introduced by the British when they rule over them. But by now this game is so deeply rooted in the nerves of Indians that now they are crazy for it. From a four-year-old child to adults all can be seen playing cricket on the streets.

This game is not only famous in India but also in various countries like England, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies, and Bangladesh. Many more countries are in the queue to join this game soon. Previously the cricket matches were played for five consecutive days with a one day break which was known as a rest day. The matches are played in two innings. Each team in the cricket is comprised of eleven players. The result is decided at the end of the match. The team that scores the highest ultimately won. Now a day’s cricket is played in many forms like one-day matches comprised of 50 over’s an innings of 20-20 over’s.

The game arise a fascination among spectators because –

  • The game maintains an interest till the end because you never know what will happen.
  • May the bowler takes 3-4 wickets consecutively or batsman scores amazing in last over’s.
  • May the winning team lose in just 1 over.
  • May losing team won by exceptional performance

Whenever a cricket match held in the stadium you can see the excitement in the crowd. Not only this, but the cricket matches also gained the highest TRP on television. At the time of the world cup, there is a mad rush on the windows of the stadium for a single seat people pay the highest fees. Sometimes wheatear adds more excitement to the play. If the sudden rain starts then over’s get cut from both teams before starting the match or if in between then the duck Lewis method is applied.

By now you can see the importance of cricket in India. The Indians invest emotion in this game. But some people cannot play this game. The busy schedule is one of the biggest problems. The students under a load of long school hours and assignments, adults under the pressure of their 9 to 5 job or business and elders because of weak strength. The technology is its next level in this era. There is not even a single problem to which the internet doesn’t have a solution. Various companies design a variety of applications that are available directly on our smartphones. One of them is playerzport. They design the best cricket fantasy virtual game. At playerzport, you can play a variety of virtual games on one platform. The one thing most attractive about this application is that you can earn by your passion. They give the cash prices once you start playing on it.

The world cup of cricket has a separate fan base. It is held every 4 years. In this, each team is given 50 over’s to play. The 20-20 world cup is also held after some time. The craze in fans is the thing that can’t be explained through words. Besides the one day matches or test matches, there are various other trophies associated with Indian cricket board like Ranji Trophy, Duleep trophy and many more. India has an amazing record in cricket. Our country produces many legends like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Mahinder Singh Dhoni, Methali raj and man without which cricket is incomplete – the Sachin Tendulkar. These are bright stars of our country that bring prestige and laurels to India. At the player spot, you can also play various leagues like the world cup and Indian primer league. You can enjoy anything you want.

The playerzpot is one of the best free fantasy cricket apps. People of any age can download it from any app store anytime and start playing according to their interests. Cricket is the most famous of all available sports. The online app playerzpot has the following advantages over other fantasy gaming applications –

  • At playerzpot, the sport of your interest and app work ends to end. Once you download it click on the option of game of your interest.
  • The game starts by forming a squad of 11 sportsmen. You have to choose 11 players of your choice from the group of 25-30 players. It’s better to choose all-rounder players.
  • The player will gain points according to the performance. This will be compared with other players playing in the game.
  • The other amazing feature of this app is that they create virtual game in this way that it seems like reality. The player has to put not any physical effort. It’s all depends on your mental skills.
  • For the new players who at first want to learn the game, there are two options paid as well as free games. After that, they can form their team and start playing.
  • There are many leagues designed there. The one who loves the most loving Indian primer league also plays it here. There are varieties of cricket matches format available here. You can choose one of your choices.
  • Make your squad that will help you won the game.

Once you start playing here you will get a thrilling experience. The game’s amazing cash prizes keep you active. Once you start earning you will get more fascinated by it. It will give you intense pleasure and happiness. If you want to play just download the app from any store. At first to get cash prices you have to enter your account details. You don’t have to worry here. This app holds a reputes position. It never shares your details with someone. Once you add details you can start playing freely. Enjoy happy gaming, gamers.