Grouting Problems and the Best Solutions

Grouting is the process in which grout is applied for tile installation. Grout is typically a mixture of sand, cement and water which is vital for holding tiles in their place during installation. The process seems simple enough, applying grout on tiles to fix them in their place. However, the ordeal is not as simple in practical application.

Several problems occur while re-grouting tile which is detailed as follows.

1. Uneven grouting

Often tile re-grouting is done in such a way that when grout dries, it is uneven in its texture. Some points are high while others are low and the overall layout of grout is not uniform. This is one of the common grout problems but can highly alter the overall tile job. 

2. Inconsistency of grout

Proper mixing of grout is necessary to ensure proper tile re-grouting. Adding more water makes the grout runny and tampers with its setting and drying ability. On the contrary, thick grout is not easy to apply and leads to uneven grouting.

3. Proper drying of the grout

Once applied, the grout needs to be allowed to set and dry properly before facing and foot traffic. If you start walking on the freshly applied grout, not only will it stain but also be dislocated and cause premature damage to tiles and grout.

After tile re-grouting is completed, numerous grout problems are still faced by tile owners. 

4. Cracking

Cracking can occur if the material below tiles is not set properly, or if any kind of gap is left while applying grout and installing tiles. In any of the above scenarios, if the tiles face any external pressure, they cause the material to shift and thus result in tile and grout cracking.

5. Uneven Coloring

Uneven colouring is one of the grout problems which are commonly observed. This is the result of improper mixing of grout which leads to inconsistent colouring. Using a dirt altered sponge to wipe off tiles can also hinder the actual colour of grout.

6. Recurring Stains

Grout is a highly porous material prone to filth accumulation. This property also makes it more moisture absorbent which leads to mould and mildew generation. All these factors combined stain the grout and cause it to become discoloured. 

7. Cleaning Problems

Cleaning grout also proves to be a challenge given that it has a small surface area, occupies a tiny space and is fitted between the crevices of tiles. This makes accessing and thoroughly cleaning grout lines a difficult task. This is also the reason why grout lines seem unaffected when cleaned collectively with tiles utilizing brooms and mops. 

Best Solutions for Grout Problems

We know that grout problems are abundant and cannot be ignored which is exactly why we will be giving you a detailed analysis of all the best solutions to these problems.

1. For uneven grouting, it is recommended that excess grout be cleaned off with a sponge before drying. This gets rids of the uneven highs and lows of the grout and brings it into one uniform structure.

2. For inconsistency of grout, properly following the instructions given on the grout package is advised.

3. For the drying problem, it is highly recommended to let the fresh grout dry overnight and to avoid coming in contact with it while it is still wet. This also applies to the cracking problem mentioned above.

4. For staining of grout, it should be made the priority to get the grout sealed after application. Sealers protect the grout and tile layers from contamination and filth accumulation.

5. For the most common and recurring grout problem that is cleaning, several solutions are available. Domestic cleaning tips and tricks and do-it-yourself tutorials are of great help when looking for cleaning grout lines. Using bleach, vinegar, lemon juice and industrial cleaning agents with the right kind of tool which accesses the small region of grout is a viable option for many. 

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Many individuals prefer not to get down to the cleaning business themselves and seek professional aid in this regard. The decision of opting for grout problems solution is entirely yours to make, however asking for professional help in this regard is advisable because grout cleaning can be a tricky and complex business.

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