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How to Choose the Best Glassware for Your Dining Room

Are you looking for the finest glassware to liven your home dining room?Buying glassware may seem pretty straightforward until you actually start shopping.

But as you do your search, you might find the wide variety available incredibly overwhelming. There’s a glass for every use and occasion from champagne, wine, juice, water, or cocktails.

Top brands like Alessi, Armani, Tom Dixon, Baccarat, Harrods provide an array of excellent glassware and stemware designs you will love. But how do you choose the best glasses for your needs?

Let’s find out.

1. Narrow Down on the Type of Glassware You Need

No one glass is the same. Wine, beer, juice, whiskey, or a martini, there’s a special type of glass for every drink. But, why does it matter what glass is for what?

The shape and design of the glass affect the aroma, smell, and even the sparkle of a drink. So, aside from observing the right drinking etiquette, picking the right glass shape enhances your drinking experience. For example, a Kim Seybert red wine glass won’t really be appropriate for enjoying champagne.

You need to decide the kind of glasses you need so you can narrow down your search.

2. Let Your Décor Guide You

Luxury glassware is not just about usefulness but also about enhancing the look and feel of your dining space. For that reason, you want to pick glasses that blend well with the general décor of your home.

You can bet some glasses will go with the theme of your interior space, whether it’s Hamptons-styled, mid-century modern, rustic, or contemporary.

You want to also look at the essential items in your dining area when picking out the right glassware. What is the style and color of the furniture in your dining area? Are the tables and chairs more traditional than contemporary?

Try and pick glassware designs that complement or up lift your table decorations, furniture, or dining center piece.

3. Quality Matters – Pick Durable, High-Quality Glassware

Poor quality glasses may look great the moment you’re buying them. But with time, they will fade and discolor, and you won’t want to see them around your dining room anymore.

Good quality glasses will not only maintain their shine but will serve you for much longer.

A good quality glass should be moderately light but not too fragile. It should also be scratch-resistant and able to withstand varying temperatures.

Luxury glassware is usually made from crystal glass which is preferred for its robust nature and clarity. On the other hand, albeit being a lot cheaper than luxury glassware, standard glasses will definitely lose their sparkle after a couple of washes and are more susceptible to damage.

Luxdeco, Tom Dixon, Moser, Oertel – There’s No Shortage of Luxury Glassware in the Market

The best glassware can accentuate your dining room and create an enhanced dining atmosphere and experience. So, take your time to pick the right pieces for your needs. Remember, quality is everything. To ensure you buy only the best quality, try and go for the well-known brands in the market.