How to know about your yellow sapphire

Pukhraj or yellow sapphire is an auspicious stone that is worn by many for attracting success and prosperity. Jupiter is the planet ruling this stone and hence draws all its powers from this planet. It is the solar system’s heaviest planet with distinctive powers. You will need to consult a proper astrologer to ascertain whether you need an original pukhraj or not. The yellow sapphire can be hugely beneficial if worn on the right finger after being diagnosed by an experienced astrologer. 

Why pukhraj?

The pukhraj is an important stone and is supposed to offer protection, satisfaction and happiness. In the case of women wearing the stone, it will ensure conjugal satisfaction and complete peace in wedded life. According to Hindu scriptures Jupiter is also called Guru. It is therefore, supposed to be of benefit to teachers, advocates, judges, lawyers, writers and people of similar professions. The pukhraj cost might be a little on the higher end but considering the benefits the wearer will enjoy, it is worth spending the money.      

Enjoy great relationship

The yellow sapphire is very effective for improving the quality of relationships. It spreads warmth and love among people and protects the wearer from accidents and dangers. In the case of young women searching for a match it can help immensely by bringing the chosen man in their lives. The stone also improves the bonding between couples. It is also believed that a family with an original pukhraj receives the gift of a son. 

Success and career

Wearing a yellow sapphire provides clarity of thought which is important for decision-making in business. People who are appearing for competitive exams will also find this gemstone very promising. People in professions like lawyers, writers, traders and businessmen also stand to benefit from an original pukhraj

Pukhraj for peace and health

People suffering from ailments like kidney and stomach problems can also look forward to be healed with the help of this sapphire. All elements relating to the liver gallbladder and spleen are known to heal remarkably. People looking for mental peace and cooling their temper as well as stress can also benefit from it. The stone is supposed to emit mild blue colour that helps in healing illnesses related to the endocrine system and liver. If you are interested in serious meditation and connecting with the higher self then you will find the yellow sapphire to be quite useful. It is important that you buy only a real yellow sapphire without any red dots, flaws or inclusions. 

Improve fertility

Women suffering from fertility problems or wishing to have children can also try wearing the yellow pukhraj. It is great for removing impediments and strengthening happiness and marital bliss.

Take away

If you intend to wear a yellow sapphire try to acquire it from a reputed jewellery store which provides complete authentication and purity of the stone. Normally, it has to be at least four carats to work for anyone. Try to wear it in a gold ring and on a Thursday. You should wear it in the index finger of your right hand.