Know About the Various Axis Bank Credit Card Offers

Axis Bank is a well-known Indian bank that provides a wide range of services to its customers, including credit cards. The bank provides cards in a number of categories, including dining, travel, rewards, and entertainment. Axis bank credit card offers a variety of discounts and other deals in a variety of categories, including travel, dining, entertainment, online shopping, and so on.

Axis Bank Credit Card Offers

  • Flipkart’s Payday Sale is offering a 10% discount.

Date of expiration: 3 April 2021

How to Get It: Visit the Flipkart website or download the Flipkart app. Choose the things you want to purchase. Apply the applicable promo code before paying with your Axis Bank credit card. A ten percent discount will be applied.

Conditions of Use:

  1. The transaction minimum is Rs.2,000.
  2. The maximum discount you can get is Rs.750.
  • Talisman Fine Sterling Jewelry is available at a 28 percent discount.

Day of expiration: 31 March 2021

How to Get It: Pick the items you want to purchase by going to

Using the code ‘AXIS28′ during checkout with your Axis Bank credit card payment.

Conditions of Use:

  1. This deal is only available to Axis Bank customers.
  2. COD orders are not eligible for the discount.
  3. On the Talisman page, a discount code cannot be combined with any other active code.
  • With your credit card, get a 10% discount on all pharma products from Apollo Pharmacy.

Day of expiration: 31 March 2021

How to Get It: Visit any Apollo Pharmacy location and pay with your Axis Bank credit card to get a 10% discount on all pharma products, a 16% discount on Apollo-branded products, and a 5% discount on FMCG.

Conditions of Use:

  1. The bid is not transferable to someone else.
  2. This discount cannot be combined with any other Apollo Pharmacy deal.
  • Get a Rs.1,000 cashback when you subscribe to MyChoize’s car rental service.

Date of expiration: September 27, 2021

How to Get It: Find the monthly car rental by going to On the MyChoize website, use your Axis Bank credit card bill payment offers to complete the charge.

Conditions of Use:

  1. There are no other deals that can be paired with this one.
  2. Within 45 days of completing your booking, you will earn a cashback of Rs.1,000.

What are the advantages of holding an Axis Bank credit card?

Axis Bank Credit Cards offers a variety of features and incentives, such as reward points, discounts on different brands, travel benefits, such as memberships in various lounge programs, and more.

Will all Axis Bank credit cards be valid for these offers?

Yes, you can take advantage of these offers with any of your Axis Bank credit cards. However, it’s a good idea to double-check if a deal isn’t available for a specific credit card. You can do so by calling the bank’s customer service number and inquiring about it.

Wrapping Up

Higher credit limits, reward points, cashback options, discounts on shopping, dining, and e-commerce purchases, unique gift coupons, and more are all available with Axis Bank credit cards. You can easily pay your standard bills with your Axis credit card. Axis Bank credit card solutions appeal to a wide variety of needs and priorities. To make your experiences easier, there are shopping credit cards, lifestyle credit cards, fuel credit cards, and so on. At Finserv MARKETS, you can apply for an Axis Bank Credit Card and take advantage of a number of benefits.