Protecting Your Tech Across All Your Branches in 4 Steps

Starting a business is full of challenges, but if you have managed to get to a point where you can expand and set up branches in different parts of the city, county, or country, then it’s safe to say your business is thriving! While this is certainly cause for celebration, it’s important to remember that these additional branches will also need to rely on a bigger tech network to operate. This will require additional security measures so that your data and equipment can remain secure so that your business can continue to grow. Here is how you can protect your tech across all of your branches in just a few basic steps.


A good place to start is by making sure that your current insurance covers the tech in your new branches. You might need to add on cover for certain equipment and notify your insurer about your new branches so that they can make sure these are included in the cover you already have. They might be able to talk you through other types of cover you might be interested in as your business is expanding.


Another priority you need to look at when setting up tech in your new branches is cybersecurity. You should already know how important this is and be familiar with some of the potential threats that can interfere with your business online, such as financial malware, data harvesting, etc. As soon as your new tech is delivered to your other branches, call your IT support or do some research yourself into setting up the best firewalls and other cybersecurity measures to keep your networks safe. One such item you should consider if you have multiple branches is the SonicWall Switch which can be intergted into your current firewall hardware to create an end-to-end gigabit secure network, ensuring that your access points are well protected.

Physical Security

In addition to making sure your tech networks are secure, you need to make sure that your branches have excellent physical security measures in place as well. This will help to reduce the risk of theft from break-ins or employees taking things home with them. Set up CCTV cameras in your branches, use door codes or key cards to access certain areas within the building, as well as shutters if your branch can be accessed at street level. Using alarm systems is also a must as they are a deterrent to thieves and notify you if there is a break-in.

Employee Training

Finally, make sure that your employees understand how to use your tech properly. This will help them to be more productive using the various programs or tech devices that they need to use, but it will also make sure that they understand cybersecurity issues and protocols, which will reduce risk. Ensure that your employees can access refresher training courses, especially if you have had updates to your tech that might have changed the way these programs are used.

Remember these basic steps if you want to make sure your tech is protected at all of your business’s branches.