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Student Visa Requirements for Indian Students to Study in Australia

Australia is always of the top study destinations when it comes to starting higher studies abroad. But to study at any university you are required to have a student visa in Australia from India. Having a study visa is mandatory as it allows you to study in any recognised Australian university as per the study duration, and work part-time etc. Read this article to understand every requirement for Australia study visa.

Requirements for Australia Student Visa for Indian Students

There is some specific requirement for student visa Australia from India that must be displayed to the legality of the Department of Home Affairs of Australia. All the required documents to submit in the application form must be scanned or in PDF format. Also, these documents should be translated into English and signed by the officer. You can connect with an overseas education consultant in Mumbai to get help translating your documents.

The following requirement must be followed in the visa application.

  • A valid passport and previous visas: The passport must be valid from an authorised stay of at least 6 months beyond the stay duration of Australia.
  • Passport size coloured photographs:It must be about 51mm × 51mm.
  • Confirmation of Enrolment Form: This is proof of the certainty of education in an Australian institution.
  • Proof of funds:Must need to show evidence of funds to clarify that you have enough money to live in Australia.
  • Visa Payment Proof: A document showing that you have paid the visa fees. The invoice should be sufficient however, the cost of a Subclass visa is 630 AUD for students.
  • Overseas health insurance receipt:This cover must be bought from private Australian healthcare providers which cover from the first day of arrival to the country.
  • Proof of Accommodation:It confirms that you have made your arrangement for staying in Australia.
  • SubClass 500 Student Visa Application Form:A long-term stay visa application for a duration of more than 90 days.
  • Departure Tickets:Air flight or reservation tickets along with the date of your departure to the country.

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Minimum Age Requirement for Australia Student Visa

To successfully avail of the requirement for Australia study visa, students must be at least 18 years old. There is no maximum limit for applying for a student visas for Australia for India or other countries students. Under 18 years won’t be considered in Subclass 500 visa conditions prevailed. However, if you want to get an exemption in your age limit to obtain a student visa, you must visit the Immigration & citizenship department of the Australian government on the official website.

Australia is one of the great study destinations for international students to pursue higher education in universities. It is always a lovable and welcoming country for international students from diverse cultural backgrounds. If you also want to study in Australia but are confused about choosing the visas and the right time for the application, do consider our overseas education consultants in New Delhi, they will guide you through the process.