The Perfect Wedding Invitation Card for your Winter Wedding

You have your quinceanera theme, and you have chosen your quince court, made a church reservation, and reserved a place for your party. As long as you have a guest list, it looks like you are ready to plan and order your quinceanera invitation. After all, you want your guests to show up on your big day, and getting an invitation is the first step. This post will help you get some tips and tricks for ordering your quinceanera invitations.

How will you plan your quinceanera invitation?


You want to order Quince invitations at least 3-4 months before your big party. This will give you time to order a sample if you order online. It also gives you time to troubleshoot if there are any issues when your invitation arrives.


There are three main options for purchasing your quinceanera invitation. They are given by,

  • In person at a stationery/print shop. 
  • With online invitation stationery/printer
  • You can make your own invitations.

If you are choosing an online printer, Make sure to buy from a safe and reputable business, search for reviews on, check your rating with the BBB, and always pay securely in the event that something goes wrong with your transaction.

What you need to get started: 

You need to give the full name with correct spelling, the addresses of churches and venues, and the time to start. Before ordering you will need to know how many invitations you need.

General invitation type

Single-sided card original card invitation card with your photo And the actual scroll is an example of a quinceanera invitation pattern. This makes it very likely that you will find an invitation that goes well with your quince theme. Example: There is a ticketed invitation that you can use for a Hollywood-themed quinceanera.

A special touch: 

Many quinceaneras have photos of the quinceanera with invitations. You can ensure that this separate photo shoot is included in the event photographer’s fee. \If it’s not included or too expensive, you can “take a picture” with a friend or family member who takes it. You can then edit your favorite photos with an image editing service. 

You can add the extra touch of a personalized photo stamp to Quince’s invitation envelopes, or you can use photos from your party to make stamps for thank you cards. You can also stamp each envelope with a sticker.

Other options: 

It’s up to you to decide if you want to be official and include an RSVP card and a reception card. In my opinion, not at all necessary, especially considering that most RSVP cards will never come back to you. You can ask guests to respond by phone, text, or email, and you will still find it rare to accept an invitation. 

Send them out: 

Send your quinceanera invitation out about six weeks before your quince before you put it in your inbox. Go to the post office and weigh the invitation to make sure you have attached the right amount of postage. If the shipping cost is not enough, it will be returned to you, and at that point, you will then struggle to deliver to your guests on time. 

Pieces of Quinceanera invitations:

The quinceanera invitation should have different sections or layers. The kit should be an outer envelope, a physical invitation card, and a reply card. A reply card envelope with a return address can be printed; it Saves time and makes it easy for your guests to accept invitations. You may also want to choose the color of the envelopes according to the theme. If you plan to invite only certain guests to the ceremony, you can choose different invitation formats for those specific guests.

Bottom line:

The quinceanera invitation is essential because it is the first thing guests will see and feel at your party. So the invitation has set of tone and theme for the quinceanera party. It should reflect the same color or theme of the celebration. If the quinceanera girl’s dress is purple, it should also be purple somewhere in the invitation. If a quinceanera party revolves around a Cinderella theme, invitations can include glass slippers or a stage coach. You may also want to include a current photo or a baby picture of the quinceanera girl in the invitation.