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Things to Keep in Mind When Gambling in Nebraska

Nebraska is located in the middle west and bordered by South Dakota to the north, Iowa to the east, and Missouri to the southeast. In 1934 Pari-mutual betting was the first gambling opportunity in the state. However, things changed, and gambling was almost not possible until the 2020 election on the gambling laws.

Nebraska state racing and betting commission was created to enforce the regulation on the new gambling laws. The path to legalizing gambling was not easy for supporters. The arguments were based on moral and economic differences. At the moment, fans cannot wager at an online casino and win in Nebraska, but hopefully, things will change.

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1. Nebraska Has Five Casinos 

In Nebraska, there aren’t too many casinos. The environment is not that friendly to gambling. The available casinos are Indian casinos, with Bingo rooms that are spread around the state. Ohiya casino and restaurant is the biggest casino in Nebraska. Located in Niobrara, there are breathtaking views and a perfect environment for a holiday. 

The casino offers lottery games, slot games, and other games. It is perfect as you get the restaurant and casino experience at one place with live bingo every Thursday and Sunday.

Rosebud casino is located in Valentine. It provides table games and over 250 slot machines. The weekend promotions make an excellent place to play your games.

The Winnebago tribe in Nebraska owns Iron Horse Bar and Casino. It is located in Emerson, a small town in the state.

Lucky 77 has around 60 bingo machines with a restaurant and bar. Native Star Casino is part of a large gas station with 80 gaming machines and has a separate smoking section.

 2. Indian Casinos in Nebraska

All casinos in Nebraska are Indian and are run by the native American tribes. The casinos are located on the east side of the state. Class II machines are available in the casinos, which are slot machines with spinning wheels.

3. Race Track Casinos 

Racinos are horse racing tracks that have a casino. In 2020 Nebraska voters passed the gambling ballot. This allowed casinos at horse racing tracks.

Racinos are perfect for those that love to bet on horses. Slot and other casino games are also available at racinos. 

The gambling ballot has resulted in the building of casinos and the addition of games in the casinos. New casinos at Horsemen’s Park, Lincoln Racecourse, Atokad, and Grand Island Casino Resort. 

4. No Online Gambling 

Online gambling is an option for casino players who don’t want to visit the physical casinos. This is not an option for gamblers in Nebraska. Online gambling for sports and casino games is not allowed in Nebraska.

There are ways you could avoid this rule using offshore sites. It is better to stick to the rules when it comes to gambling.

Social casinos provide an alternative to online gambling. These sites feature slot machines and table games similar to the ones in the casinos. Social casinos are legal as you don’t have to deposit money.

Social casinos are played using tokens. Sweep coins are added to players’ accounts. They can be used to play table games and slot machines. This is a great way to practice these games.

5. Legal Age to Gamble 

The age allowed to visit a casino is 21+ years in Nebraska. This age allows you to participate in other legal activities like drinking and smoking in the casinos. Nebraska lottery participants must be at least 19 years.

Children are not allowed into casinos. Some casinos with restaurants have a children-friendly environment. Children will be allowed restricted access to the casino section. 

6. Taxation on Winnings

Nebraska uses a progressive income tax system. This means an increased income has more taxation. Depending on the won amount, the gambler winning money will be taxed at various rates.

A federal tax of 24% on 300 times win on your initial bet or more. The highest level of income tax in Nebraska is 6.84%. More taxes are applied depending on the game’s other rules.

Non-cash winnings such as vacations are taxed separately.


Nebraska has strict rules towards betting and gambling. The state had a history in the 1800s when Omaha was one of the largest gambling towns in the USA. If you are looking for a holiday with the best gambling experience, you are recommended to take a casino and restaurant.