Top  Gender neutral Birthday Party Ideas

Blue superhero mask or pink princess crown is too monotonous when it comes to birthday party themes. Imagine a birthday party that is gender neutral, amazing isn’t it? 


  1. Scientist theme birthday party


A scientist theme party is an amazing idea if your child loves science and experiments. The theme can include simple science experiment which can be enjoyed by both child and adults. It can be easily done with basic items from your kitchen like exploding soda, vinegar, food color. 


Planning Ideas


Apart from basic party supplies like bowl, cups, tissues and decor, you can rent science equipment like

1. Lab coats

2. magnifying glasses

3.Test Tubes

4. flasks

5.Safety goggles


Invitation ideas


You can print out the invitation card in the shape of lab coat or beaker and write the message.


Food Ideas


1. Serve the welcome drink in test tubes and beakers.

2. Serve cupcakes with the initials of guest similar to the periodic table.


2. Rainbow Theme Birthday Party

Colorful is beautiful. To decorate the entrance, you can make use of balloon banners in an arch shape, similar to the rainbow with all 7 colors. Create colorful paper cuttings with multiple color craft papers and hang on the walls and ceiling.


1. Decorate the table with candy like M&Ms, Gems, and Skittles.

2. Paint the kid’s face with safe face paints.

3. Decorate the table with flowers  as per your preference.


Invitation Ideas


1. Write the invitation with multicolored glitter pens.

2. Attach the invitation with a rainbow-colored lollipop.

3. You can also attach a multicolored bead bracelet for each guest to wear to the birthday bash.

4. Keep the dress code as multicolored for kids.


Food Ideas


1. Serve rainbow colored cupcakes

2. multicolor fruit platter will make a healthy snacks option.

3. Serve edible rainbow rings and lollipops

4. Rainbow drinks.


3.Art Theme Birthday Party


For this theme you  can provide canvas and papers to each kid along with some water colors and allow them to be creative.



You can arrange for the activities like

1.blindfold artists

2. Bubble painting

3.Spray painting with toothbrush

Invitation Idea

1.make invitation in white paper and use a multi color pens to write the message.

2. You can invite each child with a small box of crayons.

3. Tie the card with colorful satin ribbon.


Food idea

1. Serve fresh fruits in colorful bowls

2. Decorated Sugar Cookies in the shape of crayons.

3. Serve colorful fruit drinks


4. Travel Theme Birthday Party


Everyone loves to travel and explore the world. You can make use of globes, maps, travel bags as decor. Decorate the venue with clouds, briefcase, sun .You can give inflatable globes to kids as a return gift.



1. Give hat and sunglasses to each kid

2. Ask them to dress up according to their choice of country.

3. Decorate the home with a miniature of the Eiffel tower, pyramid and other famous places around the world.

4. Play games asking for a specific country’s currency, national sports, state name etc.


Invitation idea

  1. You can write the invitation in airplane paper cutting 

  2. Attach a small Chinese fan to the invite.


Food idea

1. Serve famous yummy food from around the work.

2. Coin pizza.

3. Cupcakes with country initials.

4. Eat party snacks with chopsticks.

5. Little Chef Themed Birthday Party

Get an apron and chef’s cap to the little ones, let them explore the world of cooking. Help them in creating their own pizza with their favorite toppings. Let them bake a cake with healthy ingredients like oats and ragi.


1. Decorate the entire venue with cookware, apron, mixing bowls, measuring cups, spoons

2. Create a retro ambiance by using the color combination of red and blue.

3. Allow the kids to experiment with different food and flavors.

4. Give a mixing bowl and let the kids create their own unique dish.

Invitation Ideas

1.make the invitation card similar to menu card with a cute chef’s cape.

2. You can also send homemade cookies along with the invite.

Food Ideas

1. Let the kids create their own unique pizza with their favorite topping

2. Let the kids decorate the fruit platter.

3. Serve cookies and cupcakes.