Ways You Can Protect Your Business From Unwelcome Attention

A business can be the target of all sorts of unwanted attention, from physical break-ins to groups using your site to socialise, litter, or more generally cause a nuisance of themselves. You might have looked into the methods of safeguarding your business against this kind of attention before, but this guide outlines the key ways in which you can protect your business from all types of unwelcome attention.

Security guards

By hiring a security guard, you put on a strong frontline to any visitors, welcome or otherwise, to your business premises. Depending on the needs of your business, a security guard can be there for their presence to deter unwanted behaviour, or they can be used in a much more substantial role. They can monitor visitors to your business by checking them in and out. They can also be employed to walk around the perimeter of your site and can act as abig deterrent for any persons thinking that they could potentially target your business.

If you feel that this is something you want to try but feel that you aren’t ready to have security guards on your payroll,some businesses supply security guards. In this case,  you have a contract in place that will last as long as you want it to, meaning you can extend it if you find that employing a security guard is beneficial to your business.

Using more targeted methods

You can use specially designed methods if you are having trouble with specific groups of people. If particular groups are causing a security threat to your business or making your staff members feel intimidated or uncomfortable at work, there are devices you can purchase to stop this.

By using Mosquito Loitering Solutions, you can disperse groups of unwanted youths from hanging around your business site and making a nuisance of themselves quickly, easily, and painlessly. This device emits a high pitch noise that only people of a certain age can hear,which can help prevent antisocial behaviour. It can be used via remote control, on a timer, andcan be manually turned on and off. This is great if you have groups of people hanging around your site after your business has closed, as by using it on a timer will not irritate any of your workers within the age groupthat the device targets.

Security codes

You should think about installing keypads for coded entry in your buildings and maybe even your parking area. This will deter those that wish to use your facilities to park while they browse other nearby shops. It will also prevent any member of the general public from wandering into one of your business buildings to do whatever they feel like doing.

It would be a good idea to keep the access to your reception area code free so that it is still inviting for visitors to come and go. Instead, you can choose to protect staff-only areas of your business to keep your employees safe and protect your confidential data.