Why You Should Get a Norwegian Forest Cat

Ever since it set paw on American soil, the Norwegian Forest Cat, better known as Wegie, has been a favorite in the feline community. Their dazzling looks combined with their unique personality make them an excellent choice for a pet. Everything about them is appealing – even when it seems like they can just fine on their own, and they do that sometimes.

Families who look for a loyal companion will be thrilled with this one. Wegies are very intelligent and curious, and some even compare them to dogs in this regard. They’re excellent with small kids, so if your toddler is begging for a furry friend, rest assured that they will live up to the task.

High or Low Maintenance?

This breed is relatively easy to take care of; there shouldn’t be any problems if you follow a particular routine. More info on

One striking feature about these cats is their impressive furry coat. While it may seem like a lot of work, the truth is you only need to do weekly brushing. Owners usually agree on using a steel comb or brush. The Norwegian is known to be hard-headed sometimes, so don’t be surprised if it wiggles too much at first.Thorough brushing will take care of excessive shedding, hairballs, and tangles.

The thick coat, of course, enables the Wegie to endure low temperatures. After all, that’s how it managed to survive initially in unforgiving Scandinavia. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to keep your pet indoors; many dangers lurk outside, like speeding cars, other aggressive cats, dogs, and what not. Also, attractive cats can easily catch the eye of a thief, so try not to overexpose them.

As far as hygiene is concerned, it’s best to do teeth, eye, and ear checkups, as you would with any other cat. It’s good to brush their teeth once a week, as well as check their eyes and ears for discharge and wax, respectively. The more you maintain general order around the house, the less you have to worry about your furball getting too dirty. Bathing should be regular but not too frequent.

Some Personality Traits

The most notable quality of this breed is independence. From the moment they step on all fours, or at least soon after, they start doing things on their terms. However, please don’t make the mistake of assuming they’re hostile. They love their owners and people in general, but they do enjoy some alone time.

There’s a time and place for curling in your lap, and the cat dictates the rules here. If you own a Labrador, for example, and you’re used to the dog’s unconditional love and sings of affection, the Wegie’s aloofness might put you off at first. However, you’ll quickly realize just how much it enjoys cuddling and head-scratching. Click here to find out more.

Don’t get too surprised if your cat starts climbing things all over the place. They’re quite the stuntmen when they feel like it, so It’s good to keep them in spacious rooms where they can feel free. Also, they are known to be pretty territorial, so they need their corner to relax and contemplate the next salmon serving.

Friendly with Children and Dogs

Many people think cats don’t get along with other family members. This can be true to a degree: not all felines are willing to share space. Luckily, the Norwegian will adapt just fine if you give it time and space. One good idea is to have a cat tree or tower nearby: this cat loves heights and will undoubtedly enjoy its private place.

The Wegie’s laid-back nature and calmness are a funny contrast to the often jumpy and restless dog. It functions well in the household – the cat is minding their own business and isn’t too bothered by your canine’s running to and fro. The same applies to children, especially toddlers. It’s necessary to have someone supervise them, as the cat could scratch if it feels threatened.

Or, the child might pull its tail with no bad intentions, and the pet could react adversely. This is rarely the case, though: Norwegians are intelligent enough to keep away from rowdy children, especially when they’re more mature.  Once they become best friends, every game they play together is a joyous occasion.

What about Health?

If you want your Wegie to live as long as possible, you have to take proper care of it. Some owners are way too careless with cats, thinking they’ll take care of themselves, but you should still follow routines and healthy diets.

On average, this breed lives between 12 and 16 years. This is not entirely up to you, though: the Norwegian forest cat is known for some hereditary illnesses that might have severe consequences if left untreated. One such disease is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

It’s a common condition in cats: essentially, it reduces the blood pumping by thickening the heart muscles. If your cat suddenly gets lethargic, you might have to do a check. Also, leg swelling could be another symptom. Whatever change you see, arrange a visit to the vet as soon as possible. It’s best to get your kitty with a health guarantee from the breeder, if possible.

Some could find this breed a bit overpriced and go for something cheaper. But, given its beauty and personal qualities, no member of your household will remain indifferent to the lovely Wegie, who will soon become the center of attention.