5 RSS Feed Every Movie Freak Needs to Follow

Some of us often visit the web to search for a particular thing and end up forgetting about it completely. With a huge amount of content being uploaded on the Internet every second, people find it hard to keep up with all that is happening. Some individuals subscribe to certain pages to keep themselves posted while others rely on the RSS feed. This blogpost will throw light on what exactly is an RSS feed and the best ones to follow.

What is RSS Feed?

To begin with, RSS is an abbreviation for ‘Simple Syndication’. The concept of an RSS file is to update the individuals viewing it with the most recent news in written form. So, in short, an RSS file is a simple text file that contains all the updated information. The information can be in any form. The RSS files contain a mixture of the forms in which information is available including articles. When you access/open the RSS feed, the content (plugged into a feed reader), converts the RSS text files. Those converted files get displayed as a stream of the latest updates that they gather from across the web.

So, if you missed out on a movie on your Spectrum cable TV app, you can always read its review on an RSS feed!

How to Create an RSS Feed?

You need to follow the given steps to create an RSS feed:

Find an RSS Creation Program

Some of the popular programs that you can choose from include:

  • RSS Builder
  • Feedity and Rapidfeeds
  • FeedForAll
  • RSS.app

Create a New Feed

You can create a new feed by following the easy steps given below:

  • Create a title for the feed
  • Enter the title in the URL for your website
  • Think of description for your feed and enter that too

Add an Image

Next, you need to add an image for your feed. You will have to upload the image file to your website for it to load on the feed.

Add Content

This is the most crucial step. You need to add well thought of content to your feed. Keep the following in mind when doing so:

  • Every entry should have a short description
  • You have the option to add the author information
  • Make a new entry for every piece of content that you wish to add

Create the XML File

Once you think that you have added all the content, you need to export it to an XML file. This will allow all the visitors to have access to your feed and subscribe to it.

Publish the Feed

Congratulations on making it through the above-mentioned steps. Now it is time for you to publish the feed for the viewers to see. All you have to do is upload the XML file on your website and place in on the home page.

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Features of the Best RSS Feeds

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that between two similar things, one is better than the other is. The same holds true for RSS feeds. And the best feeds are better than the others based on a couple of features. If you are creating a feed, then make sure to include or take care of the following:

  • Ensure that your RSS feed conforms to the standards
  • Try hard to make your RSS feed error-free
  • Make sure that the content that you upload on RSS feed is unique

If you take care of the above-mentioned points, you will create a good RSS feed.

RSS Feeds Worth Subscribing

Having discussed the RSS feeds, here are a couple of them that the movie freaks should subscribe to.

  • Bloody Disgusting- You would want to follow this if you are a sucker for horror movies.
  • Horror Freak News- Another one for the horror movie lovers.
  • Little White Lies Magazine- This happens to be the world’s most entertaining movie magazine that posts thrice daily. And keeps all the movie fanatics posted.
  • Cinema Blend- If you wish to learn about the new releases in the world of movies, this should be your go-to feed. Apart from the new movies, you will also learn about celebrity gossip and TV shows on this feed.
  • Screen Rant- Subscribe to this feed if you wish to watch the latest movies’ trailers and reviews.

Some people believe that RSS feeds are outdated. But I do not agree. I still rely on my RSS feeds to get all the updates regarding movies. Then I wait for them to play on my Spectrum Silver package or I watch it on Netflix.

How many of you still subscribe to RSS feeds?