Stay Mentally Sharp through these 12 Tips

Don’t think that the brain is something that doesn’t need exercise or care. It is as important as any other part of your body. So, just like the rest of your body, in order to stay fit your brain needs some exercise too. Your brain is involved in complicated functions even when you are sitting idle. So, when you are actually learning something, imagine the extent of functions going inside your head!

Learning a new fact or a concept can get pretty difficult if you don’t engage in learning activities too often. That is because your mind works according to the ‘use it or lose it’ principle. This is true for even young individuals. I was looking through Optimum packages the other day since I wanted to upgrade my plan. I couldn’t recall the name of our current package because I didn’t train my mind to remember it. To avoid any embarrassing situation like this, you must challenge your brain to work fast. This would also help you prepare for the old age.

Looking for ideas? Here are 12 ways in which you can challenge your brain and make the process of learning things a lot easier.


Your brain functioning tends to improve a lot when you hear something and repeat it. Repeating things over and over can make them easier to remember. So, when you make a habit of repeating things, your brain may not even need repetition to learn new things after a while.

Learn a New Skill

Learning something new can challenge you in many ways. But in the process of learning, your brain will be going through a rigorous exercise. Studies have shown that learning a new skill can make you more strategic and fast.


Yes, you read it right. Dancing can be fun and challenging at the same time. New dance moves can significantly improve strategic thinking and memory.


Exercise is not just meant for your body. It can benefit your brain in surprising ways too. Even a short workout session can sharpen your brain’s creative thinking and information processing abilities.


Reading not only helps you become a better speaker but it also makes you familiar with new and challenging ideas. The fun part is you can read anything from a romance novel to science fiction, it will help your brain improve nonetheless.

Be Social

Socializing is not only good for your mood but it is also beneficial in making you think clearly. Hanging out and engaging in conversations with your loved ones can make you come across new ideas and this, in turn, can sharpen your mind.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthy is crucial for your brain to stay fit. So, take a meal which is high in nutrition. Have regular and ample intake of fruits, vegetables, and fish. Dried fruits like walnuts can strengthen your cognitive abilities. Chocolate is yet another thing that makes learning and remembering things easier for you.

Sleep Well

Not having enough sleep can make you exhausted and slow down your brain’s functioning ability. Make sure to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night so that your brain can prepare itself to learn new things and function properly.

Take Small Steps to Get the Job Done

Sometimes, getting a job done can overwhelm you and you can end up procrastinating a lot. This can make you lazy and slow down your brain function. To avoid it, take small steps towards achieving a goal. This will make you active without being too hard on you.

Try Out New Ways

Using the same ways to complete a task can often become boring. This can, in turn, reduces the efficiency of your brain. To keep your brain active and energetic, try out new ways to complete a task.

Build Your Vocabulary

Building your vocabulary makes you smarter and sharpens your brain’s processing abilities. A quick vocab exercise every day can boost your learning abilities as no other thing can.

Learn a New Language

Contrary to popular belief, learning a new language can help improve your cognitive abilities. It can also sharpen your memory and enhance creative thinking skills over time. Therefore, in order to keep your brain fit, you can opt for learning a new language at any point in your life.


Challenging your brain is important to keep it healthy and fit. With these 12 tips, your brain should be able to perform. Next time a friend asks for Optimum internet only, you would be able to name the states. So, challenge and make the most of your brain through these tips to stay smart and sharp.