5 Ways to Start Using Webflow For Your Business

Do you want to build a website for your freelance business or for any small business website where just a few clicks would be enough to run a website? Well, it is possible with a custom domain, free templates, and design process on the Webflow site. All of this is possible without having to worry about coding. Although it is your own choice to use a WordPress website or Webflow Community, if you choose Webflow rather than free templates from WordPress or Wix then we have a few pointers that can help you achieve business-revolutionizing success even with a small business. Let’s have a look.

1. Define your website’s goals after acquiring a custom domain

Once you have acquired a custom domain, you and your client need to be on the same page regarding what you want in your website. If you hire a Webflow Design Agency, have a conversation about what Webflow designer approaches towards making a good website that can increase the likelihood of potential sales. However, if you are not a pro and using free templates, you should know what you hope to achieve with your website. Things like what is the purpose of this website? Is it for a freelancing business or for fundraising? What color, interactions, and animations are visually pleasing? Do they want to change their logo or not? etc. You or your client must be clear on what kind of information you want to give via your website.

You could learn the backstory from your client about the business. Find out what they want and what their business is capable of and with that, you can develop the content of the website with the power of CSS HTML. A new website should contemplate the history of your business. You could get some information from their previous website as well if your client has one. However, if it is the first time for you and your client, subscribe to Webflow inspo for Webflow related content and get business advice from Webflow university. The Webflow learning curve can help you figure out many things on your own and soon, you will be able to develop dynamic content for your website.

2. Know the design process of the previous website

Webflow website builder is rather new, so there is a chance that your client already has a website on some other platform. If your client has a website then it is probably built on a template. That means you should opt for some customization such as custom code, log user data, landing page design, and web design for organic search traffic.

It is better to take inspiration from the previous website but don’t copy the same content. Develop content according to the modern needs of business and show the business evolution in your new website.

Modern website builders such as Webflow offer the freedom to build websites exactly what you want. So goodbye templates and code, join the conversation regarding Webflow’s CMS, and develop customized websites.

3. Highlight important stuff with just a few clicks

Whether you are building a website for a business or for any nonprofit organization, you need to highlight the important stuff on the landing pages or somewhere where visitors can see it. For instance, you have to build a website for your nonprofit organization that accepts donations. Usually, Webflow designers want people to know what your website offers, and for that, you can use your creative freedom and develop video tutorials or images, or blogs that are related to your cause. Your content could include the whole process of how money can be used to benefit those who actually need it. You would the videos and images that really bring out the emotions in people and urge them to donate. These heartfelt videos and images will highlight the important stuff and it is what you should do to get donations.

For videos and images, so many nonprofits hire professional photographers and they take pictures of real people helped by the organization. Some stories are also published along with pictures. Ask your client to offer you pictures and real stories, if someone has an inspirational story that has the potential to attract more donations and that person feels okay to share his/her story then use it on the website.

4. Ask your freelance web designer to make a visually attractive website

Do you want to garner the attention of a larger target market? If that is the goal, then have a visually attractive website. Visual attractiveness can be achieved by adding high-definition images and videos to your website.

Back in the day, it was okay to build a website without a proper structure but these days, people want to buy things that are attractive and can add value to their lifestyle. By taking a few HD photos of your products can make your website better. When a visitor comes to your website, he/she will be able to see the visuals of your product and when it is visually attractive, you have a very good chance of making a sale.

However, if you add low-quality photos and videos to your website, that means your business offers low-quality stuff. Even if you have a small business, maintaining the quality of pictures and video can get you many customers. So invest in a good photographer and reap the benefits later. With an advanced camera medium app, the Webflow community members.

5. Know your target market

Webflow journey may be smooth, but even it takes time to create a blank canvas/new page. Even a single element in the upper right corner can make a difference in website customization options. But before you plan to do any of these, you should know your target market. You should design your website content according to your target market expectations.

For example, if you have a business that focuses on infant clothing, make sure you have a marketing website and the website design has website interactions and animations. You need no code, with CSS, HTML, and javascript, you can do some front and backend work to build websites.