Use Gmail frequently? Master it today with these tips!

We all use Gmail in our daily lives. Be it for work purposes or personal use, Gmail is undoubtedly a big part of our lives. But managing your mail can be a cumbersome task if you don’t know the tricks which can make your life easier. 

Rather than spending your time on searching a specific mail manually or composing an important mail, you can spend your time doing something more productive. 

You can use your Gmail frequently on your broadband connection and still have time on your hands with a few Gmail tricks and tips you are probably not aware of. Today’s article is just about that! 

So, let’s get started!

10 Gmail tricks and tips for 2022

It’s high time you learn how to manage your Gmail better. Following tricks and tips will help you for the same:

Search Filters

How often have you spent hours finding that one mail in your mailbox?! Stop searching for a mail manually or just writing the recipient’s name in the search box. Start using search operators in Gmail. 

Gmail has over 20 search operators. You can use them to create filters and then combine them to create a very specific inquiry. Further, you can use the Advanced search feature to really narrow down your search. You can use subject line, size, attachments, date, etc., to find any particular mail. 

Undo feature

Have you sent a mail to someone without an attachment after mentioning PFA in the mail? Trust us, we all have been there! Such a common mistake. 

The new Gmail feature can help you with this. Since 2015, Gmail allows users to bring back the mails sent to another user for 30 seconds. Meaning, if you sent a wrong mail or an empty mail, you could click on the undo button right after sending the mail to make sure the recipient doesn’t receive the wrong mail. You can also set the time frame (up to 30 seconds only) in the settings section. 

Confidential mode

There might be many emails which you might want to delete after sending it to someone. The confidential mode in Gmail helps you do exactly that! All you need to do is compose the message, click on the clock icon present at the bottom right of the panel. Post that, you will be asked to set an expiry date (upon reaching the expiry date, the email message will be deleted from recipient’s inbox) and passcode, if needed. 

Smart Compose

No one has the time to send out each mail with the same voice. But Gmail’s Smart Compose can definitely help you with that. 

By enabling Smart Compose, you are enabling predictive words and phrases to appear when starting, mid-writing, or ending the message. The Smart Compose also learns every day to sound more like you. 

You can enable this feature from the settings section. Enable Writing suggestions on to get these predictive texts while composing a mail. It will save a lot of your time! Trust us!

Other than these, you can also do a spell check, mute conversations, preview messages, sync with Google Calendar, use Gpay, use multiple accounts, manage multiple signatures, and more on Gmail! With Gmail tips clear, also go online to learn how to download twitter video for sharing and saving purposes online!