Best Romantic Places to Visit in Thailand In This weekend

Looking at the best Romantic Places to Visit in Thailand is a little tough. When you are planning to visit only for a short time like a weekend trip to Thailand then you can make your time full of happiness. Various reasons to visit Thailand and enjoy your life happily. Thailand is the most attractive and amazing place for lovebirds. Therefore, couples always want to book their flight ticket with Alaska airlines customer service number.

Thailand is especially famous for its picture-perfect romantic gateway. There are various amazing beaches, Top-class hospitality and the best thing is that you will always feel exclusive enjoyment at this place.  Make your flight ticket for Thailand with American airlines customer service number and get a big discount on your flight ticket. Thailand is the most visited place in the world and in the present time. It is a cheap destination for lovebirds around the world.  

Here are the best Romantic Places to visit in Thailand:


Phuket is a base to explore famed and idyllic offshore islands such as Phang Nga Bay and Phi Phi Islands. Due to the largest Island, It is famous for the best romantic place in Thailand. You can enjoy the high-end seaside resorts, upscale restaurants, and Hotels, spas, busy markets, powdery beaches and also exciting nightlife scenes.

Various attractive up-markets beach, resorts are available in the Phuket. And some of the romantic places such as Kamala, Karon, and Kata offer lashings of love. You can do some activities at the Phuket. And your experience is best in Phuket. And can also enjoy with the Sunbathe on warm sands.  Not only this also explores the diversity to your escapades with colorful markets, boat excursions. 

Best Time to visit: December to March

Koh Samui

It is the second-largest and famous Island in Thailand. And always serves the cocktail of luxury and natural beauty. And also can take a pick from a line of uber-luxury villas, beach clubs because these places are very attractive in Koh Samui and also enjoy the Michelin starred restaurants and top-class spas. You will feel here lots of luxury and combined with a distinctive relaxed environment. 

You can do an exquisite dinner amid treetops at Anantara Lawana. Koh Samui is surrounded over the enjoy full beaches, Boutique hotels, private villas, and lavish resorts are scattered. And Each and everything is performed the different types of magical gateway with your love one. If you want additional convenience then you can pre-book your private transfer to your hotel here.

Best Time to visit: September to End November.


Krabi is the most adventures place in Thailand. And it is situated in the Thailand West Coach. You can engage yourself in some of the special activities in Krabi such as trekking, scuba diving, kayaking, island-hopping, soaking in hot springs and also include rock climbing. You can also be touring mangrove forests.

You can get the best experience in Krabi in its national parks and walk through them. And you can also search the various things like green pools, natural hot water springs, and stellar waterfalls  If you want to see the attractive view in Krabi then never miss climbing 1,237 steps to the top of the Tiger Cave Temple. 

Best Time to visit: November to March

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a land of misty mountains and colorful hill. You will feel the home-like environment and people are too much friendly here. Chiang Mai is the popular city of Thailand that is covered on all sides by a red wall. There are various western food outlets available in the road street and cafes, bars and five-star hotels with swimming pools. 

Not only this you will also notice see the canals, Buddhist shrines, and street markets in the Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is an attractive city that is fully surrounded by rainforests and mist-covered mountains and making it a paradise for hikers.

Best Time to visit: November to February

Here we discuss some best romantic places to visit in Thailand with your love ones. Various people visit this place every year because of their attractive specialty. Whenever you read this useful article then you will definitely know all about this amazing place and why every year different people visit these places. You can easily arrive here through spirit airlines reservations at very reasonable rates along with easy-to-avail amenities and better assistance.