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Coloured Contact Lenses That Suits Your Eye Colour & Skin Tone

Fashion never seems to stop at this age and you can expect to always find some of the most amazing trends every now and then. That said, right now we have these amazing coloured contact lenses that have become the most popular fashion product of late. These lenses have this profound effect on fashion that beats all the other cosmetics.

Eyes have always been the basis of the facial beauty, it is always said that eyes are the gateway to one’s soul and with solotica coloured contact lenses you are enhancing your beauty to another level. But before you do, you must know what coloured lenses should suit your eye colour and skin tone.

Coloured Lenses for Dark Shaded Eyes (Brown & Black)

For darker eyes, the best type of coloured lenses is the opaque lenses. These lenses have coloured tints that are solid and non-transparent and they cover the whole eyes. That is because the other translucent lenses will not work on darker eyes as the dark eye colour will be too visible for the lenses to have any effect at all.

There are certain coloured lenses that would work on darker eyes. For example, if you have a darker shade of brown for your eye colour then opaque tints coloured blue or bright green would be best for these eyes.

Also, if you want a bolder look you can always try bright red or purple lenses. These are not naturally occurring colours but still, they would look wonderful.

When you have black coloured eyes, you probably will have black hair, so for that, it would be best to wear a brighter shade of colours such as bright green, blue and red. For some, depending on their skin tone bright hazel or brown colour would suit perfectly. Just remember that for darker eyes opaque tints are the only option.

What are the best colour contact lenses for light coloured eyes

When it comes to light coloured eyes, you have much greater options. Now you can wear both type of coloured lenses, opaque and enhancement tints as the translucent tints would just blend right in with your eye colour. Also, if you are trying to go bold then opaque tints can also be a great option.

Given your eye colour, let’s suppose it’s blue, which is very rare, you can use a brighter shade of blue lenses to enhance the colour of your eyes or use brighter green coloured lenses to blend in and give off a much more wonderful colour.

Now with light coloured eyes, you can go with opaque tints as your coloured lenses solution. Any colour would suit your eyes, but make sure the colours are light or bright. Darker shades wouldn’t appear too good.

The Part Played By Skin Tone In Choosing Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contacts are not such an easy device to blend in, with your eye colour, you need to keep into consideration the tone of your skin. Now you can have either cool or warm skin tone. Let’s discuss them.

Cool Skin Tone

Many people have much cooler skin tones, making their skin fair and light. When that is the case, the best colour of coloured lenses would be shades of blue and light green would suit the wearer.

Warm Skin Tone

Now when you talk about warm skin tone you get two types in this. There are people with a skin tone that appears golden and whitish. These skin tones always favour colours such as dark brown, hazel, light brown and even bright blue lenses

Then we have a darker skin tone and with them, you can wear more bold colours such as purple, amethyst and red.

What Else Should We Need To See?

One other thing that matters for coloured contact lenses to work is the hair colour and also your dress that you want to wear for the event.

Hair colour is important as your hair colour is usually the same as your eye colour and if you are going to wear some coloured lenses then you need coloured lenses that would relate to your hair colour or be in contrast.

Then we also talked about your dress, as you usually wear coloured lenses for specific events or parties and if you can get your coloured contact lenses to match your outfit then that would be amazing.

We hope that this will help you understand better about what coloured lenses you need to buy for yourself.