CBD Oil for Pets: Is it Right for Your Pet?

CBD oil for pets has been made quite popular in recent times. As a good pet parent, you may be considering administering this product to your pet since it promises so many benefits. But before you decide if CBD oil is right for your pet, you would need to consider several things. You should be aware that just as with any other product, not all pets would react the same way to CBD.

You may need to consult your vet before you make this decision. While we can see here that this product is largely safe for animals, your vet may have some information on your pet that you don’t have. Apart from consulting your vet, below we discuss other factors that you need to consider before you decide if cannabidiol is right for your pet.

Know and Understand the Needs of Your Pet

The products you choose for your pet should be based on the pet’s general wellness and health needs. You may skip including this product in your pet’s routine if it does not necessarily have a need for it. The common reasons most pet owners use this product for their pets include pain, cancer, seizures, anxiety, allergies, arthritis,and so on.

Therefore, if your pet has anxiety, then CBD oil which is a systemic product (whole-body) may be the perfect fit for the problem. However, if your dog has a local issue like a hot spot or a sore elbow, then topical products may produce better results.

Cannabidiol comes in various products and while its oil form is one of the most common forms, other products like topical products exist. Why topical products would be better for a local issue is because they are directly administered on the pet’s skin. To maximize the effect of this product, we recommend that you apply it on a shaved spot, and also ensure that your pet doesn’t lick the place the product was applied on for a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes.

Talking to Your Vet about CBD

As we have already stated, you would need to consult your vet before you decide on using this product for your pet. However, research in this area is still in progress; so, some vets are not legally permitted to discuss this product with their clients. You can find out more about the laws surrounding CBD oil here: Despite this limitation, you can follow these tips if you need help starting and maintaining the conversation:

1. Know and Understand the Laws of Your State of Residence

Some states are still opposed to the idea of CBD products; these states would therefore set a limitation on what a vet can say regarding these products. For instance, California allows their vets to talk about cannabis, however, they are not allowed to administer, prescribe, recommend, or dispense them.

So, if you happen to live in a state like this, you can comfortably bring up the discussion with your vet. For those in states with more strict laws, we can remain hopeful since advocacy works are ongoing to ensure that some laws can be adjusted to give vets room to properly discuss, and even recommend this product.

2. Be Honest and Open

Your opening line to this topic should be an honest and open dialogue of why you want to start giving your pet CBD. If you already started giving your pet the product, then you can take it along so that the vet can evaluate it with you.

3. Share Information with the Vet

Some states do not allow their vets to discuss cannabidiol outright. In this case, it would be your duty to initiate the conversation. A perfect way to do this is to share any information or resources you have about the product.

4. Be Ready for Limitations

Because the legal environment surrounding cannabis is still quite murky, the knowledge of some vets about the product may be quite limited. You need to be ready for this and not get frustrated if the conversation does not go the way you think it should go.

After your discussion with your vet, it would then be time for you to make the ultimate decision. If you decide on getting this product, then you need to know that it comes in various types.

Types of CBD Oil for Pet

There are three major types of CBD oil that you would find in the market, these are broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolate.


This type contains all the compounds that are naturally gotten from hemp. This includes THC. However, the level of THC found in this product is not above 0.3%. Most pet parents prefer going for this because they believe these compounds work hand in hand and offer amplified benefits to their pets.


This type of CBD oil contains all the compounds gotten from hemp except THC. That is to say that THC is completely removed during the extraction process.

CBD Isolate

This is said to be cannabidiol in its purest form since products classified under this class contain only CBD.

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As a good pet parent, you may have heard of CBD oil and you have been wondering if you can use this product for your pet. However, before you make this decision, you need to understand your pet’s needs and also talk to your vet.