Get a Crash Course in Understanding Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the commonest forms of cancer that is affecting people worldwide. It ranks second among the types of cancers affecting women. Men are not out of its review either. Alert of awareness is being created over the spread of breast cancer and continuous research is also being continued for its development and treatment. this has definitely resulted in greater number of survival rates but it is also massively spreading among men and women worldwide. Breast cancer specialists are constantly on the prowl for ways in which better medicines can be developed to cure the ailing. Also, search is on to find out the exact reasons why breast cancer is developing at all.

Why can you get breast cancer?

There may be a number of reasons responsible for breast cancer read on to know why and how this may affect you.

It is usually known that breast cancer occurs when some of the cells start growing abnormally. Jesus multiply rapidly and accumulate forming small or large masses inside the body. These lumps are usually painless but can move when touched or pushed. The cancer cells can spread throughout the body including the breast and the lymph nodes. It has often been observed that the cells start in the milk producing glands. Sometimes they may also be found in the lobules of the glandular tissues or sometimes in other tissues of the breast. The reason mind blowing affected by cancer can be many starting from lifestyle to hormonal issues to even environmental factors. However, some people seem to be more prone to developing cancer than others. In the case of breast cancer, it seems that a number of genetic and environmental reasons might be responsible for the development of the disease.

It has often been found that around 10% of rest cancer patients have inherited from gene mutations.Many women who have developed breast cancer are also at risk of developing ovarian cancer and vice versa. In case there are other breast cancer cases in the family doctors might recommend a proper test to identify specific mutations which are handed down through the family bloodline.

Symptoms of breast cancer

If you have any or all of the following symptoms do contact your doctor.

  • Your breast may have changed in appearance size or shape
  • You might feel a lump in the breast which feels different from the rest of the tissues
  • There is a change in the breast skin like dimpling
  • The dark skin around the nipple is crusting, scaling or peeling
  • The skin of your breast has done very red or similar to the colour of an orange

If you have found any of these symptoms then it is important to contact a breast cancer doctor.

Breast cancer specialists can tell you how much of a missed you are of developing this invent but some of the factors that you should also keep in mind include

  • If you have a family history of people suffering from breast cancer do remember to get yourself checked
  • If you are woman, the chances of developing breast cancer are more.
  • If you have already suffered from breast cancer once.
  • Obese women are more at risk of developing breast cancer.

Regular screening for breast cancer is important to battle the disease.