Guide On Buying A Second-Hand Motorcycle

So you are making a jump into the world of motorcycles and one of the first biggest purchases you will make is of course your motorcycle.  Do you plan on buying new or used? Are you looking at buying from a private seller or a dealer?  It is definitely a tough choice and makes the process harder.

There are many options out there to buy a used motorcycle. Those include private sellers on websites like Craigslist, Cycle Trader, and Autotrader and more.

Dealer or Private Seller

Pricing – If cost is an issue, a private seller will generally offer a lower price than a dealership. This is because the private seller does not have overhead like staff, a building, and other associated costs with running a business.

Quality – There is a high chance that you will buy a reliable motorcycle when you buy from privately owned dealerships or a dealer.  If they sold low-quality motorcycles, they may get a bad reputation so the dealers only take trade-ins that are in good condition. You will have peace of mind if you buy from the dealers as they have good used motorcycles in a well-maintained shape.

Warranty – A private seller will usually sell a motorcycle as-is with no warranty. If you encounter an issue a week after taking the bike, a dealer will usually take the motorcycle back for service. A private seller rarely will offer the same.

Ownership History – The dealer will often complete an ownership search to make sure that the motorcycle has not been stolen or written off by an insurance agency. They should be able to provide you with a printed record of the motorcycle history. A private seller may not know the history of the motorcycle.

Repairs – The dealer would have a service department to fix any issues with the motorcycle should they arise after you purchase it. A private seller may not be able to do that.

Shipping The Motorcycle

If you are unable to transport the motorcycle which you bought online cross-country by yourself, you can hire a professional service.  These are companies that specialize in transport with multiple trucks and drivers.

Motorcycles have unique designs and unique shipping needs. Tie-downs are used during transport to secure the motorcycle on the trailer. A failed tie-down could cause anything from scratches to major damage.  The only way to ensure the success of the vehicle shipping process is to choose a motorcycle shipping company that specializes in the transportation of motorcycles. Such companies will have the required experience, insurance, and reputation to help you complete the job quickly and safely.

There are hundreds if not thousands of motorcycle transport companies in the market and scouring the internet or the phone book to find the right one for you can often seem daunting.  Luckily there is online shipping platform like Shiply that can make your life easier.  Shiply offers a one-stop place for bike owners to get quotes and make comparison.

Once you have selected the motorcycle shipping company, you will be given two options to choose how you want your bike to be shipped.

  • Open trailer

Vehicles are shipped on open-air trailers because it is cheaper.  Such method is suitable if you are only moving your motorcycle a short distance like a few hundred miles that can be driven in one day and in one single trip.  Keep in mind that your vehicle will be exposed to elements.

  • Enclosed trailer

Enclosed trailers mean that the motorcycles are transported inside specialized enclosed trailer for maximum protection.  Your bike will share the space with other motorcycles as well inside the trailer. Thus, the shipment price can be shared among several customers. The enclosed trailer method offers the best protection to your bike.