Unique Qualities Which Make Gold Precious

Gold is valued by all and it therefore it a precious metal. People have preferred gold in the form of investment and jewellery. Gold earrings for girls are quite expensive and are considered as an asset in every family. Gold is attractive for its brightness, color, malleability, and durability. Gold has always been exceptionally valuable throughout the time of history. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Gold is said to be one of the densest of all metals available on earth. Gold was able to attract human attention because it is visually pleasing, does not corrode and one can work on it to create structures and ornaments.

Gold possesses various unique qualities because of which it is accepted universally for the exchange of services and goods. Gold is highly recognized as a reserve asset and the entire world’s gold is held by central banks and government. Here we are going to speak more about the unique characteristics of the metal gold.

Qualities of Gold that make it precious

Metals like lead, copper, and aluminum tend to corrode over some time, but gold doesn’t get corroded. There are other features as well that make gold one of the valuable metal. Some of the features are mentioned below.

  • Beauty– Gold’s original color is further enhanced by alloying it with a limited amount of other metals that help you to yield an exquisite shade mostly preferred for manufacturing jewellery. For example, the gold chain models are available in various shades of gold that pleases its customer with its jaw-dropping beauty. Simply by adjusting the quantities of allows, the metal smith can create white, rose, green, and yellow gold. In recent times, people prefer wearing jewellery of different color, and it is possible with gold.
  • Purity– Gold is highly pure metal. Experts say that a little more than 100,000 tons of gold had been extracted from the earth in recorded history. Gold is found in seas, rivers, and lands in various parts of the earth, however, it cannot be easily extracted all the time. It is expensive and time taking to open up a mine to take out just a few ounces of the precious metal. Therefore, gold is not only pure, but it is also very rare. Hence, it is a precious metal.
  • Workability– Jewelers have always preferred gold to carve out the ornaments. They prefer gold over other metals because of the ease of workmanship and aesthetic beauty. Gold is easy to be melted, shaped and any design can be created out of it. It is generally alloyed with other metals to enhance the strength of the jewellery and produce a variety of colors. Gold can be re-melted and used again and again to form new designs. The atoms present in gold are heavier than the other metals and it has an array of unique colors.

Economies and societies have placed value on gold because of its diverse features. It is rare, pure, and easy to work on. Therefore, it has one of the logical choices as an asset for every individual.

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