How Sublimation Printing Is Dominating Market

Sublimation printing is not a relatively new trend in the printing world and has been circulating around the apparel market since the 70s. Though the method used in the 70s was somewhat different to what we see today, it was not until the early 90s that sublimation printing started taking a toll on the other printing mediums.

Due to the low investment in the production from the beginning, the simple process of production and large-profits on the products, sublimation printing technology could bring a revolution in the plants.

But before diving deep into the process. Let us find out what sublimation printing actually is.

To keep it simple, sublimation printing is the process of printing a computer-generated image through a particular ink, and through the heat-pressing to transfer the image into multiple fabric types.

Though restricted to a number of fabrics, many experts believe that the fabric should either be 100 percent Polyester or covered with a Polymer capable of holding the sublimation printing. There are multiple coated products designed from plastic, aluminum, ceramic, wood, and a vast range of apparel from printed T-shirts and sports apparel.

The process involved in sublimation printing is fairly simple. It may differ from what you observe and see for screen printing online, but the ink comprises of a hard sensitive dye that offers colors mixed in a liquid. Under pressure and heat, the particles involved in the dye transform into gas and connect with polymers present in the substrate only to get bonded again.

The high-temperature used in the process of printing sublimated apparel allows polymer-based gas to enter. When the substrate is eliminated from the heat and effectively cools down its temperature, the gas changes into a solid substance, and then later onwards change into a polymer.

Importance of sublimated sports uniforms.

Now that we understand the importance, working, and nature of sublimation printing. Let us analyze why more sports companies are choosing sublimation printing over conventional screen printing.

For many years, screen printed jerseys evolved in the fashion circa. But these days, they are just a lost story. You might be scratching your head, wondering why sublimated sports uniforms dominate the market and why screen printing is not used by the companies anymore.

To narrow it down, screen printing uses stickers to transform the image onto the fabric, whereas sublimation is printed onto the apparel. If you have ever been exposed to faded, cracked, or peeling of the stickers in your sports apparel, then it is time to change your printing option.

Alongside printing directly on the fabric, sublimation printing has numerous benefits making them unique. The process facilitates us in making top-quality sports uniforms with a multitude of advantages, including superb finishing, durability, and added confidence for your sports team.