6 Reasons Why You Purchase Redmi Phones

It was in 2014 when Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone brand, made its way into the lucrative Indian market with its launch of Redmi 3. Many people went for the device that was feature loaded and affordably priced. 

Nobody had any idea that 5 years down the line, Xiaomi will dethrone Samsung from the top and become a super success in India. 

But the success of Xiaomi in India has not been a fluke, the reasons behind why people by Redmi phones vouch for it. Customers in India wait for Redmi upcoming phones as they know that they will get more for less. It ensures that Xiaomi mobile phones fly off the shelves in no time on launch. Read on for more!

  • First-Class Hardware and Build Quality

Pricing a device at a lower price does not mean that the customers were being given low on quality smartphones. They never compromised with the hardware and build quality of the phones. Their majority of phones, despite being affordable, do not run the inexpensive MediaTek processor but Qualcomm Snapdragon – considered the best processors for smartphones. Also, the material that the company uses for the inner and outer of the phone is of high quality. 

  • Amazing Camera Specs

When Xiaomi packs a punch with great build and processor, can its camera be of lower quality? No ways! From its range of budget smartphones to the best smartphone under 20000, the camera performance of all Xiaomi phones is exceptional. You can get a 48MP triple rear camera phone Redmi Note 7 Pro under Rs.12,000 in India. On the other hand, the 64MP quad rear camera phone Redmi Note 8 Pro is another excellent model. Redmi upcoming phones like Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9 and Redmi Note 9 Pro are expected to provide even better camera specs at affordable prices in India. 

  • The Power of MIUI 

MIUI is an Android-based OS made by the company, and it has gained immense popularity over the years. It has been used in many smartphones since 2014. It comes with many features that Android’s stock version lacks and it is where it scores. MIUI is highly customization, fast, secure, provides you with regular updates and more to help you keep your phone updated and new.

  • Reliability 

China has a bad reputation for offering lower or no reliability on its products. But Xiaomi has done the unthinkable by offering all quality features at super affordable prices. The review of customers being happy and satisfied is a testimony of the success of India’s No 1 smartphone brand. From its customer care support to after-sales service, everything is top notch. But most of the customers don’t need to avail of these services as their phones continue to perform without issues. 

  • No Bloatware 

Many smartphone makers ship their products with their own or third-party apps that are preinstalled – the majority of them being unable to uninstall and take up extra RAM. It is known as Bloatware. Redmi devices come with a negligible number of preinstalled apps. Some of them are music app, browser and notes – which are quite useful for the customers. Overall, there is no Bloatware on Xiaomi phones with a few preinstalled apps being the basic ones. 

  • Lower Prices – Excellent Specs

The biggest reason for Redmi phones selling like hot cakes in India is its packing of great features at jaw-dropping prices. Indian users always want to get more for less, and that’s where the company understood the buying of customers here so well. Xiaomi managed to sell the same devices at lower prices and more specs, something that Samsung and other brands sold at higher prices. Redmi also offer feature rich Mobiles under Rs. 10000.     

Overall, Xiaomi smartphones are a range in India, and the discussed reasons have made it a successful brand. With many more exciting Redmi upcoming phones with blockbuster features at affordable prices, the company should be able to increase its base further in India.