Questions On A Covid-19 Screening Form

If you are going to use a COVID-19 screening form for your business, there are certain questions that you MUST include to be able to find comprehensive answers about the prevalence of COVID-19 in your workplace. Make sure you ask the right questions so you can get the answers you are looking for. To avoid wasting time and resources, asking the right questions is key to determining if employees have been exposed to the virus, any close contacts of exposed people in your workplace, and how to keep your clients safe from any exposure.

So, what are the most important questions to ask on a COVID-19 screening form? For the most part, almost all COVID-19 screening forms have several standard questions from the CDC about symptoms and possible exposure. Some of the most common standard questions might be any symptoms the person is experiencing, the date of exposure, and any recent test results from an antigen or PCR test.

Let’s see some of the most commonly used questions to include on a COVID-19 screening form that will be helpful for businesses to keep their employees safe.

Should my business use a COVID-19 screening form?

If you are thinking of using a COVID-19 screening form or using a COVID-19 app for your business, then you must add certain questions to your form. Instead of asking just the standard questions, use these questions as guidance for personalizing the test for your needs:

  • Have you been vaccinated within the last 6 months? Although some employees may take offense to his question, the only way that you can really safeguard your other employees and your clients is by only hiring people who have been vaccinated. Although it is a person’s individual choice to get vaccinated or remain unvaccinated, it is a high risk to society if you hire someone who has not at least started with their vaccination process of getting Pfizer, Moderna, or other CDC-approved vaccinations.
  • Have you received your booster shot? If you got your vaccination over 6 months ago, then you need to get your booster shot so you can keep your community and avoid any chance of contracting the COVID-19 virus.
  • Have you traveled outside the state recently? Even though travel is free of regulation for most places if you have been vaccinated and you have your vaccination certificate, you might still want to ask the person if they have traveled anywhere in the past few weeks.
  • Is there any reason you might be considered high risk for COVID? Ask your employees if they think that they have been exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 or visited a place where there has been a recent outbreak.


To protect your employees, your clients, and yourself, you need to use a COVID-19 screening form for your business. Along with asking about any symptoms of COVID-19 that a person is experiencing, make sure you ask a few standard questions to get a backstory on the person’s vaccination history, travel in the past few weeks, and close contact with any person who is suspected of having COVID-19 or who is showing signs of the virus.