Top 10 Stocks In Dolly Khanna’s portfolio

Portfolio building is more of an art than science. When it comes to picking the right stocks, it varies from individual to individual, because of the element of qualitative analysis. We have many names in the stock market who have done wonders by identifying the lucrative stock patterns on numerous occasions. One such name is Dolly Khanna.

Before we get into the stocks that Dolly Khanna has in her portfolio, here’s a quick breakdown of some steps you should know as an investor:

  • Analysis: The first step towards building a portfolio should beanalysing your own financial situation to the variety of investment options available, which helps you define your objectives. With the said analysis, you get to formulate an investment plan ranging from financial protection to aggressive investment strategies. Aggressive investment strategies are generally for an individual heavily invested in the stock market.
  • Portfolio creation: After the allocation of funds to specific target investments, the decision about the choice of investment vehicle comes into the picture. The most difficult choice here is picking up for your stocks investments. Depending upon your own skill sets and understanding the right mix of diversified stocks should be identified and a portfolio should be created.
  • Tweaking: After you create a portfolio, most of the investments remain as per the initial decision but some tweaking may be required when it comes to your stock market investments till you achieve your right risk-return profile. As banks talk about Non-Performing Assets (NPA), we have some NPA in our stock investments as well, which need to be managed.
  • Rebalancing: When you have identified the required tweaks and have reduced your market exposure, the initial portfolio created with diversification is changed. This calls for another round of rebalancing of your portfolio to achieve the desired amount of diversification.

Dolly Khanna’sportfolio 2021

Dolly Khanna has been an active investor in the Indian stock market for over two decades now and is known to pick stocks that outperform the market.Dolly Khanna stocks are spread over manufacturing, textile, and sugar sector stocks. Her husband, Rajeev Khanna, manages her portfolio. As per recent reports, she holds 15 stocks with a net worth of around Rs. 344.2 crores.

Here is a list of Dolly Khanna’s latest picks 2021and her holding value:

  • Rain Industries: (Rs. 80.5 crores)
  • KCP Ltd. (Rs.75 crores)
  • Polyplex Corporation (Rs. 54.7 crores)
  • Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd. (Rs. 19.4 cores)
  • NCL Industries (Rs. 18.1 crores)
  • Nucleus Software Exports Ltd (Rs.17.4 crores)
  • Nitin Spinners (Rs. 23.8 crores)
  • Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. (Rs. 11.4 crores)
  • Rama Phosphates Ltd (Rs. 10.7 crores)
  • RSWM Ltd (Rs. 12 crores)

If we take an example from Dolly Khanna’s latest portfolio, Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances moved to Rs. 1,042 in October 2021 even though it started the year at around Rs. 462. This just shows how a correctly directed investment can earn gigantic returns for you. When Dolly Khanna’s investment journey started, she faced some setbacks, but investing is a continuous process, following which Dolly Khanna has become a legendary name in the stock market.


With proper portfolio building techniques, you can achieve an outstanding return on your investments. To be able to achieve such highs in your investments, you will have to keep yourself on your toes about all the events happening in the industry and the world and know how they can impact your stock’s demand and supply. With careful planning and an informed investment approach, you can build a portfolio like Dolly Khanna’s latest portfolio.