Top Brands That Sell Stellar Designer Lehengas

Every woman at least once in her life has dreamed about her big day. The day that is truly magical aka her dream wedding. The dream wedding wherein she wants everything to be perfect to the ‘T’, that especially includes her ensemble. And, why not? Every woman deserves to look like a gorgeous, opulent piece of work on one of the most precious and memorable day of her life. And these stellar designers are the ones that bring those dreams to life and turn them to reality with their stunning craftsmanship, style and intricate designs in collections that exude elegance and glamour. Keep scrolling for some of the most noted luxury bridal designers in the industry well known for their designer lehenga collection, that’ll help you stay on top of the fashion curve on your wedding day!


TarunTahiliani is a master of his art, and one of the frontliners in the haute couture industry. His exemplary pieces acknowledge his mastery in the art of draping with silhouettes that portray a melange of Indian craftsmanship and textile heritage. He is known for his signature styles which amalgamate traditional aesthetics with contemporary designs. If you’re looking for something sophisticated, timeless and superlative, bridal lehengas by TarunTahiliani are what you need to take a look at!

Ritu Kumar

Popular and well respected  in the world of bridal couture and occasion wear, Ritu Kumar ensembles are admired and worn around the world. Most known for their intricate designs, embroidery, deep-rooted Indian textiles and artisanal weaves, their collections are synonymous with extravagance, vibrancy, and modernity. The brand’s quality of fabrics, textile and a glorious traditional aesthetic makes it stand out in the industry, and is sure to give you a lavish look that is above and beyond, nothing less than staggering. 

Arpita Mehta

A new age force whose journey began in 2009, the label Arpita Mehta is a brand that denotes luxury fashion as a form of self expression to make every woman feel confident in their skin. Keeping up with the ever changing times in fashion where less is more, the label focuses on a minimalistic approach in their designs while still raising the bar with it’s exceptional blend of ethnic and modish styles. Their pieces enhance the feminine silhouette with grace in hand-embroidered mirror work, sleek cuts and an eclectic color palette. If you’re the true modern-day experimental bride, bridal lehenga by Arpita Mehta are the ones you need to browse through!

 Payal Singhal

Payal Singhal designs appeal to the new age bride with their traditional pieces that are renewed with a trendy outlook for a modern and fashion forward relevance. Each piece has its own individualistic allure for every woman to choose from designs that best suit and bring out her personality. The brand’s signature is the easy transition from traditional to non-traditional settings, effortlessly with minimalistic designs and an added touch of vintage. Due to the design house’s focus on crafting wearable, comfortable yet statement making ensembles in playful and quirky prints, embroidery and soft textures, their couture is a great choice for a destination wedding bride. Subtle and pastel colors with light weight cuts while still sustaining the Indian appeal gives it an added touch of sophistication for the quintessential spiffy bride!