Simple Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Space

Whether you’ve got acres of land or a tiny patch out back, you can make the most of your outdoor space. With some simple design tricks and creative lighting, you can turn your yard into a haven of tranquility. This article will look at 7 simple ways to improve your outdoor space.

Install lighting

Lighting plays a big part in making any outdoor area feel warm and inviting. Using lighting to create an ambiance is particularly easy if you’re trying to set a summery mood. Think about using colored lights or strings of tiny fairy lights instead of the standard globe variety. You can even hang lanterns from trees, let them float in a pool, or position them around the patio.

Create different living areas

Creating different areas in your outdoor living space is a good way to use every square foot of the area. For example, rather than simply having a patio with chairs, why not add a sofa or large cushions? If you have a step down from your patio, create an informal seating area with some deck chairs. This will allow you to chat and relax with friends and family.


Creating a fire pit is one of the best ways to make your outdoor area feel cozy. If you have the space, build an open-air fire pit in your garden. This allows you to invite friends around for barbecues and informal gatherings. A stone slab or brick base will help protect the ground from the heat of the fire. Look online for natural stone fire pits.

Potted plants and herbs

If you’ve got outdoor space, why not invest in some potted plants and herbs? You can create a potting area on your back porch or patio. Plant up some pots with tomatoes, chilies, basil, and marjoram to create your own organic herb garden. If you want to get really creative, you can even create an indoor herb wall.

Install a flagstone patio

If you have a large area out back, why not create a large flagstone patio? It’s the ideal surface for entertaining in the summer. Flagstones come in all kinds of colors and designs. You can mix them up or use ones with similar designs to create a really unique look. They’re inexpensive too, so whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for that finishing touch, they’re well worth the investment.

Install a fountain

If you want to create an atmosphere of tranquility, a fountain is a perfect way to do this. Fountains aren’t just for big gardens – you can get smaller ones online that are ideal for patios or small outdoor spaces. A fountain will create some lovely sounds and movements in the outdoor area, which creates an air of relaxation. Consider placing it in a pond or fountain bowl so that you can place some water-lilies and other aquatic plants around it to create an extra inviting look.

Add pillows and rugs

Rugs and pillows are a simple way to give your outdoor space some real comfort. You can choose from any style or color that suits the interior of your home, and you can add them almost anywhere. For example, place rugs in front of your fire pit or on tables and chairs – their softness is a great contrast to the hard surfaces.