Trauma Counseling And The Ways It Can Help Solve Your Traumas.

Trauma counseling is a feat in itself. It changes the ways that a person sees their trauma, it is not easy to see the trauma for what it is, but to solve it, to get past it, one has to have the bravery and the courage to see it for what it is and detach it from you, harvest the thing that will help you the most out of it and then and only then will it be a part of your past fully and not linked to your present and future.

What is the reason for trauma?

Traumatic events in your life happen, due to the ill intentions of other people, there are so many women that have gone through sexual abuse, the numbers aren’t any less for people who have gone through physical, verbal, and mental abuse as well. Women mostly are the targets because they are weak and are made vulnerable. They are attacked in moments when no one is around, little girls are feeble and do not know how to defend themselves, ill-mannered people cause them life-long grief that affects them throughout their important moments in life.

When a partner comes to know about such traumatic events, things go from bad to worse, it is even more hurtful to see such events unfold in your mind, you cannot believe for a second that this person that you love is going through so much hurt. The hurtful thing is that you cannot change their past, you cannot go to that moment in time when they were traumatized, but there can be some solace in this, you can help them get in touch with a trauma counselor. It will surely help them move on from these traumatic moments that have made them vulnerable, that have created a sense of weakness in their mind, and has taken their courageous voice away.

There are many ways trauma counseling can help a person overcome their traumatic moments in life. These methods are needed to fully overcome the trauma. And once it is overcome, you will see that the person you love, will become full of life, they will realize their sense of worth, it is just a matter of taking trauma counseling religiously.

Trauma counseling can help identity triggers.

All the little things that would trigger that traumatic memory in your mind, a counselor will dissect that, identify that, and make you face those triggers. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) will be taught to you, and the counselor will help you apply it into your daily life.

CBT has a great effect on patients with trauma, the whole treatment involves the patient to go through the same trauma but in a very controlled environment, in this time, the counselor will be taking notes, reading expressions, and listening everything to see and understand where the root of the problem lies. Once the root has been identified, the patient will be helped in recovering from the trauma in time.

Your safety will be reestablished.

You will learn about how to create boundaries around you so people learn the red line of yours. You will learn how to make people understand what line they cannot cross, learning to say “no” is a part of the treatment. An abuser only keeps on abusing because he or she has done it, or you in some way or form, allow it as well, this is not to say it is your fault but to imply that your sense of self was taken away from you, and this is what the counselor will try to recover for you so that you can overcome your trauma once and for all.

These are just some ways trauma can be solved with the help of a trauma counselor, if you wish to proceed with this treatment as well to help recover from your or your loved one’s trauma, then click here: