Traveler From Bengal Dies In Uttarakhand, 2 Injured

Doormen going with the travelers informed specialists about the episode after which an ITBP group left for the spot to protect the harmed adventurers, an authority said.

Uttarkashi: A traveler from West Bengal passed on and two others were genuinely harmed subsequent to falling into the fissure on a glacial mass along Khimloga-Chitkul journey close to Uttarkashi-Himachal Pradesh line.

Doormen going with the travelers informed specialists about the episode after which a group of ITBP faculty left for the spot on Sunday morning to securely safeguard the harmed travelers, Uttarkashi Disaster Management official Devendra Patwal said.

A nine-part group, including three travelers from West Bengal and six doormen, had left Liwadi town in Uttarkashi locale for Khimloga-Chitkul journey on September 1.

While traveling, the three adventurers fell into the fissure of a glacial mass from a level of 5,600 meters after which Sujoy Dubey (42) passed on, while Subrato Vishwas (49) and Narottam Gyan (50) were truly harmed, Mr Patwal said.

As Mr Vishwas was not in that frame of mind to move because of his physical issue, the watchmen pitched a camp at Khimloga itself and three of them came down to illuminate officials at an ITBP camp at Chitkul about the episode late Saturday night.

Chitkul is situated in Kinnaur region of Himachal Pradesh. The salvage group, which left for Khimloga on Sunday morning, comprises of 10 ITBP staff, 10 police and 10 homeguard jawans, Mr Patwal said.

A body of evidence will be enlisted against every one of the three travelers of West Bengal as they had left for the journey without taking consent from the organization, he added.


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