What makes a TV a Smart TV?

There is a huge difference between a TV and a Smart TV that a TV can only give you the output of multimedia Chanel that has been given as an input to it Whereas a Smart TV can do many more activities even working as a normal TV.

TV gets its new name the Smart TV due to its smart enhanced features in it. That Smart tv works based on the operating system which has changed it overall behavior and performance.

You may ask how smart is this Smart TV?

Adding up to the smartness they are one step ahead by providing AI-based Color correction with image magic version 3 which enhances the picture Quality and auto-correct the picture. The operating system may be Android, Ios, Tizen, web OS, tvOS, and many more but the most used and most liked is Android TVs because it is user friendly operation and affordable price. It is equipped with an android operating system they are capable of handling application based operations so as Smartphone’s and that’s not it for a TV to become Smart But the thing is most of the brands says Smart TV for with the minimum android influence.

How Can I know my tv is Smart TV?

It is also possible that you might be using your tv with cable antennas, and might not even know about some hidden features that your tv has.  Take your remote and press the home button.

If your remote does not have a home or menu button then your tv is not a smart tv. If you have, when you press it, it shows some logos like Netflix, YouTube, and some other channels. Congratulations, you have a smart tv. Also, check if you can conne4ct with the internet if not possible then your tv is normal.

What is the difference between regular TVs and Smart TVs?

It is so simple. Basically, Android TVs have integrated features like your Smartphone where you can watch any content with the help of the internet. Even you can install the Zoom app in the play store and do your office meeting as well.

But on normal or regular TV you cannot connect to the internet or any other device. There are limited features installed on that tv, and you can watch some entertaining programs through cables, but can’t watch Netflix, prime, etc. Security risk will be there in Smart TV when compared to regular.

Do your Smart TVs built with cameras?

Not really, it depends on what some brands have built with cameras on their Smart TVs. Some TVs have pop-up cameras, some TVs have a webcam, and some come with no cameras. If your tv has a camera, then you can do video chat, conference calls, meetings, etc. or even you can disable your cameras as well.

Thankfully there are so many LED and Smart tv that come up with the best in the market. Research and pick the best one.