All Things To Know Before You Get A BSNL Plan

BSNL is one of the oldest telecom companies that offer its services in India. BSNL has millions of users, and it also provides broadband connections to its customers. BSNL offers expensive as well as cheap plans to cater to the needs of every sector. By offering many attractive offers, BSNL is fighting hard to stay at the top when it comes to offering telecom services. If you are planning to get a BSNL plan, then here is everything that you should know.

After the launch of Jio in 2016, the telecom company BSNL again wanted to kick start its business. To stand out from the crowd, the company has introduced various offers, plans, and revisions. For example, the BSNL has been changing its prepaid plans to attract more and more customers. It has also launched a wide range of post-paid plans for its users. Here are the post-paid plans that BSNL offers to its subscribers. One thing to note here is that you need to pay Rs.100 as a one-time activation fee to enjoy the benefit of different plans.

Due to digital advancement making a BSNL online payment has become easier. You can make post-paid bill payments, whether BSNL bill payment or any other network, easily using different apps and websites. Here are the popular post-paid details of BSNL:

Rs 99 plan details

Rs 99 plan offered by BSNL allows the subscribers to use free calls of Rs 50 along with free data usage of 500 MB. The plan also offers the benefit of free 100 SMS per month to its users. You should know that subscribers need to pay Rs 500 as a security deposit for the STD and local connections and Rs 2000 for the plan’s local, STD, and ISD connections. So, the overall expense of the plan will be either Rs 600 or Rs 2100, depending on the plan that you choose.

Rs 149 plan details

Rs 149 plan offers free 100 local and STD calls to its subscribers. In addition, it offers 500 MB of data along with 100 free SMS.

Rs 225 plan details

Rs 225 monthly plan offers 180 free calls and 3 GB free data, and 100 free SMS per month.

Rs 325 plan details

The plan offers 270 free calls and 7 GB of free data monthly, and 100 free SMS per day.

Rs 399 plan details

399 plan is unique because it allows the users to enjoy unlimited free local and STD calls to any connection. The plan offers 30 GB of free data per month and 100 free SMS per day.

Rs 799 Plan details

The Rs 799 plan offers unlimited local, STD, and roaming calls to any connections. The users get 60 GB of data per month and 100 free SMS per day.

One of the benefits of getting BSNL is that it is easy to get BSNL online payment done using various platforms like Paytm, Airtel payments bank, etc. You can pay the BSNL bill by visiting the Airtel payments bank website and filling out the required details. Make the BSNL postpaid bill payment, and you are done.