5 Instagram Video Ads Tips to Wow Your Audience

Instagram is a big platform for users and also for marketers. Users can watch, comment, and also Instadownloaderpro and photos and introduced too many applications like instadownloaderpro. But the advertising Instagram has established itself as one of the most interesting options of digital marketing in recent years.

Since it shares the same advertising interface as Facebook, it offers a lot of interesting tools and options for marketers; whatever your type of company and your objective, you will surely find the ingredients to create the campaign of your dreams.

But sometimes we can get lost in so much complexity and not being very clear about the best options for our case. buy real instagram video views To take full advantage of advertising on Instagram and not waste time, effort and budget, you must be very clear about your strategy. To find out how you can define it, read on!

Identify in which phase of the conversion funnel you are:

The conversion funnel is a key concept to understand the customer journey and optimize the marketing of our brand. It is a graphic representation of the entire customer acquisition process; it has a funnel shape because not all contacts that express interest end up generating a conversion, so the volume narrows as we go.

In general, we usually distinguish the following phases or stages of the conversion funnel:

  • Awareness (phase prior to entering the funnel): the user realizes that he has a need.
  • TOFU (top of the funnel): the user begins to search for information to respond to that need. This phase is characterized by very general searches, such as “how to get in shape” or “more effective exercises for X”. Here our role is to raise awareness about the brand and the need.
  • MOFU (middle of the funnel): the user is evaluating different options, for example, gyms to join. Therefore, we must teach you how to choose a solution.
  • BOFU (bottom of the funnel): the user has considered the available options and is still interested in our brand. It is time to put all the meat on the grill to make you decide to buy.
  • Conversion: the closure of the funnel, when the user becomes a customer.

Adapt the type of ad to your objective:

If you already know what phase of the conversion funnel you are targeting and what you want to achieve, the next step is to “translate” your strategy to advertising on Instagram. And it is that each phase of the funnel corresponds to a specific type of advertisement. Luckily, Instagram Ads have options to satisfy all possible needs.

In the TOFU phase, what we want is for users to begin to recognize the brand, but we do not have a specific conversion objective. The types of ads that are best suited to this phase are those of interaction with publications and those of video views.

In the MOFU phase, we look for the user to start interacting with our website and, if possible, to register on it. Once again, advertising on Instagram offers us several types of ads that can be adapted to these goals: those of registrations on the web, those of lead generation and those that direct traffic to a website.

Finally, in the BOFU phase, we seek that the user carries out a specific action linked to the conversion. To achieve this, we can launch announcements of interaction with an application, of conversions on a website (linked to the purchase) or of installations of an application.

Find your ideal audience:

In addition to choosing the type of ad appropriate to our objective, we must also carefully consider the topic of segmentation. Instagram offers many options to create the publics for ads, but it is important to know what exactly each one implies and use them appropriately.

Choose the location of the ads well:

When it comes to advertising on Instagram, there is another key factor besides the type of ad: the location. And is that here we can also choose where our ads are displayed to customize to the fullest. There are two great options:

  • Show the ads in the News Feed
  • Show ads in Stories

Always measure the results:

Along with all of these targeting and personalization options, Instagram also offers plenty of data on the performance of ads and campaigns. Take advantage of them!

No strategy is complete without a measurement and reporting plan. So if you want to succeed with your Instagram advertising, establish regular controls and do not stop testing to see what works. The results will be worth it.