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Guide to Portable Vaporizers

The portable cannabis vaporizers are lightweight, handheld devices that allow you to consume dry herb and wax concentrate on-the-go. These devices are becoming increasingly popular as a discreet, convenient way of vaping. But they have more than just portability. Within their stealthy frames, they have high battery power, state-of-the-art heating systems, and temperature control capabilities. The surprisingly rich nature of this compact device makes it one of the popular hand-held devices.

Portable vaporizers include Dab (wax) vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, and e-juice vapes. The manufacturers are focusing on perfecting the vaporizers due to high demand for better, faster devices As a result, the devices have become increasingly sophisticated.

More recent developments have taken these systems to a new level of sophistication by incorporating temperature control, convection heating system, and sleek designs. In essence, portable vaporizers are suitable for people who want portability without compromising on quality.

Temperature control

Most handheld vaporizers feature a three to a five-time set of temperatures to choose from, or precise temperature control. All heating styles have their advantages, and it is essential to choose the right one. Here are the two main temperature controls.

Preset Temperatures

Portable units with predetermined temperature usually come with a single button. This is why they are technically more comfortable to use than temp units with precise control. To power up and change the temperature, click the button. Presets for the most common vapor profiles are typically optimized. Low heat produces smaller, smoother sips, whereas higher settings lead to more significant clouds. Portable devices with preset values are suitable for those who want to hit fast without fiddling with the temperatures.

Precision Temperature.

The precise temperature control helps you to choose the best temp for your style of vaping. These units usually have’ up’ and’ down’ keys to switch to many heat settings Users will explore different vape profiles and tailor their sessions according to preferences of taste, size and density with further temperature choices. These devices also allow you to lock up active compounds from particular dry herbal strains or concentrates at the most efficient temperature. LED displays feature the most accurate temperature vaporizers so you can choose the temperature and monitor heating progress.

Power Sources

There are three different kinds of power systems for portable vaporizers: butane, flame, and battery. Most use a lithium-ion battery. These batteries can either be integrated directly into the device or can be interchangeable. It is essential to acknowledge that many of these devices require a great deal of heating and do not usually have long battery life.       

Herbal Material

Most portable vaporizers are exclusively designed for dried herbs. However, some models are also able to work with concentrates. We recommend checking out our range of wax vaporizers if you are looking for a handheld device compatible with wax.

Type of Delivery System

Before buying a portable vaporizer, there are two kinds of heating methods you must know about: convection and conduction. The process of conduction works through a heating system that touches the herbs directly. The convection process works in an indirect form, like forced-air that heat your dry herbs. However, we find convection vaporizers, which are usually more costly to produce the best overall vapor quality.

Benefits of Using a Portable Vaporizer

In simple terms, the purchase of a portable vaporizer offers many benefits. The most obvious thing is that these forms can be brought almost anywhere, even on holiday. They are called handheld vaporizers because they are small enough to fit into your hands.

A portable vaporizer is different from a vape pen, it’s bigger and more adaptable. One of a handheld vaporizer’s main features is that it is effortless to use. Secondly, these devices are one of the best options for health benefits over traditional smoking. Portable vaporizers will not heat your vape past the combustion point, so they are much healthier for you. Vaping should be the only alternative you should consider if you have health problems or any lung problems.

Choosing the Best Portable Vaporizer

Everyone has different needs, and many factors come into play when buying one, especially for the first time! Factors such as cost, warranty, ease of use, heating style, and flexibility should be a priority.

Finally, before you make the purchase, you should always study the specific model. We try our best to review all great brands to facilitate your decision. If there is a model that we offer or which you have a question on, feel free to email us.