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Best Facebook Messenger Spy App in 2020

Are you looking for the best Facebook spy app for the year 2020? We have reviewed the most reliable mobile apps to spy on Facebook messenger to come up with the best. While there are several high-tech monitoring solutions for the social media app, TheOneSpy is one of the most user-friendly, feature-rich and inexpensive apps for spying. It is intended for families and business persons to keep an eye on online socializing activities of younger kids and employees. Read on to know how this app works and facilitates the end-user.

An Overview of Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most popular social networking app across the world at the moment. It allows the user to post and share thoughts, activities, events, and plans with online buddies. Using the Facebook messenger, the user can interact with people around the world in the most efficient way. The messaging app allows the user to exchange text messages, voice recordings, audio messages, photos, videos, stickers, documents, and more stuff. Moreover, it allows making voice and video calls to individuals and groups.

Spy on Facebook Messenger with an App

One might have several reasons to spy on Facebook chats of another person. For instance, parents can spy on the instant messages of their children to prevent them from exchanging personal and explicit photos and videos. Moreover, they can supervise the instant messages to protect kids from cyberbullying and victimization. Similarly, the married persons can spy on Facebook messenger to catch the cheating partner red-handed. Employers can monitor online chats of their employees to keep them from gossips and harassment.

Whatsoever your reason is and whomsoever you want to monitor, there is a spy app that lets you sneak into the Facebook messenger of someone else. You can install the app on your target’s phone to keep track of messages sent and received through the social media app. The app lets you know what your kids or employees do on the social networking app and how they interact with online fellows. You can monitor messages of another person without letting them know and taking their devices into possession.

How the Facebook Spy App Works 

The Facebook spy app of TheOneSpy works with confidentiality and great efficiency. It secretly accesses data saved on the targeted phone and uploads it to an online account. It includes messages, call logs and media files relevant to Facebook messenger. Once you install the tracking app on the android smartphone of your concerned person, you can keep an eye on almost every activity performed on the Facebook messenger.

Core Features of the Messenger Tracking App

The monitoring solution for Facebook messenger offers high-tech features enabling the end-user to keep an eye on socializing activities of the target. Here are the core features of the software.

Read Messages

The messages exchanged by the concerned person via Facebook messenger can be read without accessing their phone. By logging into the web portal of the spy app, the end-user can retrieve incoming and outgoing text messages, stickers, emoticons, photos and videos of the object.

Track Calls

The voice calls and video calls made and received by the target can be monitored with the surveillance app. It provides access to Facebook call logs to let the end-user update about Facebook calls of the concerned person.

Retrieve Photos & Videos

The photos and videos exchanged by the messenger can be seen by logging into the online portal. It allows retrieving deleted media files as well.

Screen Recording

The activities performed on the instant messenger can be recorded with the help of the screen recording feature of the surveillance app. It records the screen of the targeted phone to capture whatever appears on it.

What are Compatible Devices?

You can make use of the Facebook tracking app to secretly monitor digital activities performed on any Samsung, LG, Haier, HTC, Huawei, Motorola or Sony phone running Android 5+. The tracking app supports all mobile phone networks.

How to Subscribe the Spy App?

The monitoring app for instant messaging apps can be subscribed for different time periods as per requirement. The one-month subscription of the premier package is priced at $65. The annual subscription of the app enables the purchaser to get the spy solution at a discounted price.