Awesome Video Tools for Content Marketers

Video is one of the most popular means of content marketing in today’s digital scenario. Videos help your content drive traffic, giving it a higher platform, reach a larger audience, and convert visitors into potential customers. It does not matter what you did earlier as a content marketer, but now you must grab on video because nothing can make your content more effective as a video. 

Still not convinced why videos are essential for content marketers? Check out some stats to find out why and how video marketing is overtaking the digital world. 

  • Facebook videos draw 35% greater reach than images. Try understanding your traffic and facebook analytics using this guide here
  • YouTube users watch nearly 500 million hours of videos worldwide.
  • Snapchat users watch around 10 billion videos every year on the platform. 
  • 92% of mobile users actively watch and share video content. 
  • 87% of online marketers use the power of videos.
  • Social videos create 1,200% more shares than images and textual content combined.
  • Almost 64% of consumers buy goods after watching branded video content.
  • Videos on a landing page increase conversion rates by 80%.
  • Videos create 1,200% more shares than text and image content.
  • By 2021, the video will drive 82% of all Internet traffic.

A video is truly a life-changing tool for content marketers. If you are still not leveraging the power of videos, you are overlooking a great opportunity. However, creating compelling videos that can serve its purpose well is not a joke. It calls for a lot of patience, time, effort, and of course, the right software. 

Here are the top 6 video making and editing tools for content marketers that will help level up your business game on the digital pitch. 

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  • InVideo:

InVideo is one of the most popular and easy to use video tools available today. The tool helps content marketers to create professional-looking videos and slideshows that leave a lasting impact on the audience. InVideo contains plenty of templates, introduction maker, a wide variety of fonts, photos, music, color options and many more features/options that you can use as per your requirements to add flare to your content. These features help you edit your videos with a level of perfection and grab the viewers’ attention. Not only this, but InVideo also allows you to use your business logo as a watermark, which gives a brand identity to your video. Leverage this powerful video maker as a top tool to create professional video content to attract the audience and keep them glued to your business.

Key Features:

  • Free trial available
  • Use your own watermark.
  • The premium plan starts with $29.00 per month, per user.
  • Videoshop:

If you are a new player in the video editing game, Videoshop is for you. This full-featured video tool is beginner-friendly and helps them create great video content. It comes with a host of features such as

  •  Voiceovers, 
  • Display Adjustment, 
  • Mergers, 
  • Slow/Fast Motion, 
  • Filters, 
  • Transitions Animated Titles, 
  • Texts, and many more. 
  • From creating videos into various formats to editing them with the music tracks, voiceovers, sound effects, and from trimming videos to adding extra effects, there is nothing you can’t do with Videoshop. Once you have written a powerful content, craft an engaging video of it Videoshop, and then share it directly on social channels like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and so on. 

Key Features:

  • Cut out any unwanted moments.
  • Share videos directly on social channels.
  • Filmora:

Content marketers highly admire the power of Filmora as the software seamlessly runs on Windows as well as on Mac. Its app version supports both iOS and Android, enabling users to edit videos comfortably on the go. This much-loved video tool offers plenty of advanced features that help content creators to craft compelling videos that leave a more significant effect on the viewers. Speed, color effects, brightness, rotation, transition are just to name a few of the awesome features of Filmora. 

Key Features:

  • Filmora allows you to get a free spin.
  • The premium plan starts with $19.95 per year or $39.99 for a lifetime license.
  • Works on Windows and Mac
  • Magisto:

Looking for a fully automated video editing tool that can ease and advance your video content creation task? Then look no further than Magisto. Being powered by AI algorithms and top-notch features, Magisto picks up the most engaging parts of your video content and assembles them into a brand new video. Furthermore, you can spruce up the video by incorporating music tracks, adding filters, or anything else that is a must for enhancing your customized video. With this video tool, you can craft engaging content to create awareness for your brand and its marketing campaign, also helps in generating leads for your brand, promote any business activity, and so on. The tool is equipped with loads of music options and captions, which you can use to set the flow and tone of the content. 

Key Features:

  • Free trial available
  • It comes with 3 pricing plans – Premium ($59.88/year), Business ($419.88/year), and Professional ($119.88/year).
  • It is suitable for personal use, educational use, and commercial use.
  • Moovly:

Moovly is a well-renowned video animation and editing tool used by many content marketers today. With the help of Moovly, you can successfully create any types of YouTube intros, advertising videos, explainer videos, conference presentations, banners, and so on. What makes Moovly so popular among the content marketers is its huge library full of more than 175 million video clips, audio files, animated items, and templates. Users can explore this huge collection and use them as per their preference. Also, you will find plenty of customization options, such as graphics, icons, clips, voiceovers, and stamps. The excitement does not end here only; the tool also offers high-end animations to be used as backgrounds for video content. You can also add a voiceover to your animated characters. Don’t believe it? Take a free trial of Moovly before you subscribe to its pro version. 

Key Features:

  • Free trial available
  • Pro plan starts with $49 per months
  • Custom pricing is also available 
  • Wirecast:

If you need to stream live videos with the content you have, Wirecast can be your best bet. Be it Windows or Mac, Wirecast will transform your PC into an editor studio. The platform also allows you to capture live events like award ceremonies, graduation eve, lectures, and similar celebrations, and share the same on social platforms. Capture the event using Wirecast and then write a compelling story for the same to hook your audience. The tool comes with tons of other features that allow you to add animated titles, incorporate transition effects, and do a lot more as a creative content marketer.

Key Features:

  • Free trial available
  • Comes in two pro plans – Wirecast Pro ($995/year) and Wirecast Studio ($695/year) 


Marketing is no longer about products and services only. It has evolved to a greater extent. Now, it is much more about reaching a larger audience, connecting with them, and keeping them glued to your business with informative content and engaging videos. In this post, you have gained a good insight into video tools that every content marketer must use to create engaging video content to reach a higher number of audiences.