What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds, and Why Choose Them?

If you are into growing cannabis or medical marijuana, then you have heard of feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds are seeds bred to produce only female plants. They contain no male chromosomes.

They are more productive than regular seeds, which have up to a 50% chance of producing male plants. For cannabis, female plants are most preferred by farmers because they are more productive and produce resinous buds after the flowering stage. A female cannabis plant produces consumable flowers, and this makes them more preferable than male plants.

Instead of producing flowers, male cannabis plants produce pollen sacs. Therefore, having male and female plants together in your weed firm can ruin your harvest. In simple terms, the male cannabis plants pollinate the female plant buds, and the flowers produce more seeds. When this happens, the female plants are of low quality.

If you want to preserve the quality of flowers in female plants, you should separate the male cannabis plants from the females.

In order to address the potential effects of male cannabis plants on females during cultivation, breeders came up with feminized seeds. You naturally reduce the risk of all your cannabis plants not producing seeds when you grow feminized cannabis seedlings in your weed farm.

You also reduce the risk of having a male plant that will pollinate all your female plants by going for feminized seeds.

Feminized Vs auto-flowering seeds

Most cannabis farmers tend to confuse between feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. The difference between feminized and auto-flowering seeds is the flowering phase. Auto-flowering seeds are genetically modified to move into the flowering phase without needing light changes.

That means this type of cannabis plants can flower even when you keep them indoors. On the other hand, feminized seeds have nothing to do with early flowering. Instead, these are seeds that have been bred to only grow into female plants.

Is there a guarantee that all feminized seeds will grow to female plants?

While there is a high likelihood that feminized cannabis seeds will grow into all females, you can still find some male plants on your farm. Feminized seeds can still grow to become male plants. Therefore, when growing feminized seeds, you should keep checking your farm as the plants grow up.

When you notice pollen sacks begin to form on the plant, it means you have some male plants on the farm, and you should remove them before they can pollinate the flowers from other female plants and ruin your entire harvest.

Will feminized seed produce any seeds after maturity?

Ideally, when you grow feminized cannabis seeds, you should not expect any seeds because the plants will not pollinate. The seeds should only grow to female plants. Female plants only produce buds and not seeds.

Cannabis plants can only produce seeds when pollen from a male plant pollinates the flowers from a female plant. If you don’t have any male plants on the cannabis farm, your feminized seeds will not produce seeds.

What are the benefits of planting feminized cannabis seeds?

You should opt for feminized cannabis seeds because they are bred only to produce flowers and not seeds. Flowers and buds are the most useful parts of any cannabis plant because they contain the most cannabinoids. Here are some benefits of feminized cannabis seeds you should look forward to:

  • Maximized yield: Feminized cannabis seeds reduce the risk of producing male plants on your farm. That means you can have a great harvest when you grow these seeds.
  • Better plant growth: Planting feminized seeds makes your work easier as a farmer. You don’t have to deal with male plants that can damage your farm. Feminized seeds simplify the growing process.
  • Low risk of farming: When you grow feminized seeds, you reduce the risk of producing males cannabis plants. In most cases, male cannabis plants are unusable and therefore not profitable to growers.

If you are a new cannabis grower, you should plant feminized seeds on your farm. The reason is you don’t have to worry about males plants growing on your farm and damaging the entire harvest. When you have feminized seeds on your farm, you reduce the pressure of identifying and eliminating male plants. However, when you plan to grow cannabis, you should learn some tips on identifying male plants and getting rid of them from your farm.

What nutrients should you use for feminized seeds?

When you are growing feminized cannabis seeds from i49, you should choose the best nutrients to ensure the plant matures fast and healthy. To assure your plants’ healthy growth, you will have to provide them with nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. These are the basic nutrients that cannabis plants need to flourish. Your plants will also need copper, iron, and calcium to grow well.

You can also purchase commercial cannabis nutrients and use them on your farm. However, you should feed your plants these nutrients sparingly to avoid damages. Follow the recommended dosage when you opt for commercial nutrients.

You should also note that cannabis plants require different nutrients at various growth stages, such as germination and flowering. You can choose your cannabis fertilizer based on the plant growth stage. You can go for a flowering or growth fertilizer.


Growing cannabis plant comes with many challenges, such as eliminating male plants and providing the essential nutrients for the plants. You can make your work easier as a cannabis farmer by choosing feminized and auto-flowering seeds.

The only advantage of growing feminized seeds is that you don’t have to worry about male plants pollinating your females, and this way, you increase your harvest in the long run. With better cannabis harvest you make your farming business more profitable.

When you decide to grow feminized cannabis seeds, it is always advisable to source your seeds from a certified vendor. At i49, we provide you with the quality feminized cannabis seeds you can have on your farm.