When to Harvest Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants, just like any other plant, need to be harvested when their maturity time comes. New cannabis growers may be wary of when to harvest cannabis plants. Cannabis plants will vary in time to reap, depending on the type of strain. Different strains offer different harvesting times. However, in all strains, it is essential to note the exact flowering date.

This is important since the flowering date is the determinant of the harvest time in all strains. Flowering dates will also vary depending on the strain. For instance, Sativa Dominant strains will take up to twenty-four weeks after flowering to be mature for harvest. In contrast, the Indica dominant strain will take up to eight weeks after flowering to be ripe for harvest. Other strains will range between eight to ten weeks. However, knowing when the plants are mature for yield does not entirely depend on the time frame of flowering.

Additionally, one can know if the plant is ready for harvest if you notice a change of color on the white hairs of the flower. The colors will change differently according to the strain type or the type of the plant. For instance, some may change to orange, while others may change to blue or purple. However, a plant is termed mature when it is forty percent turned. When harvesting plants for medical use with high THC, it is important to harvest them when the hairs are forty percent turned. A harvest after that will result in decarboxylation. This means the THC degrades and turns to CBN, which is less effective. It’s soothing and does not cause anxiety.

Thirdly, one can confirm plants’ maturity using a magnifying lens. These are used to observe the color of the trichome. The trichome is the tiny hair from a plant’s epidermis. Using a magnifying lens, one can be able to tell if they are ripe for harvest. For instance, if they are clear, it is an indication that the plat is still immature for harvest. Secondly, if they are cloudy or milky, it is an indication that the plant is ready for harvest. Also,the THC is at a maximum at this level, thus a good time to harvest. Finally, if they are amber, it is an indication that the plants are overripe and that degradation has already begun. Therefore it is essential to keep checking on plants to ensure they are harvested at the right time.

Below is how to harvest marijuana plants

When you already know when the plant is ready for harvest, the next step is how to harvest the marijuana plants. Before harvesting, ensure you are equipped with the proper harvesting gears and types of equipment, such as pruning scissors. The harvest is all determined by the size of the plant. Small plants cutting from the mid stem is appropriate, while for bigger plants, separate branch by branch when cutting. However, be very careful when harvesting to avoid damaging the flowers. Also, when cutting, ensure the stems are cut separately to ensure there is enough airflow. Finally, hang them to dry.

 In conclusion, cannabis growing can be done by anybody, and one doesn’t have to be a pro or an expert to get a quality harvest from cannabis.